Club Penguin Times Issue #285

June17 here! New Penguin Style is out with the new newspaper! This week's newspaper is pretty wacky and silly for April Fools. The topics for this weeks paper are: how confusing is mapping the Box Dimension and the last wave of St. Patrick's Day Igloo Contest winners.

Mapping the Box Dimension is really confusing and tricky to do from the start. Experts had said that it was fun, but really easy do get lost in the rooms. One expert wrote pretty good notes about the Stair Dimension and end up making no sense at all! All the silliness will be box in when the party is over, so make sure you visit the Box Dimension. Remember, April Fools Party end on April 4.
The final list of the St. Patrick's Day Igloo Contest is here and I would like to start by saying congrats to the winners! Now here are the last grand prize winners: Lachyabc123, Emor02, Hectxbox3601, Sillyfun9, Koala209, Crazycat709, Mrchilly27, Goldfoo, Legoindy5, Sonicspeed31. Here are the upcoming events:

Out Now: April Fools Penguin Style

April 1: Pay Day

April 8: New Better Igloos

April 15: Norman Swarm Transforms at the Stage
That is it!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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