Puffle Launch... Launches!

Wow!  The new game, Puffle Launch, has just launched!  You can begin by going to the Pet Shop and clicking on the game:
Finally the new game WORKS!  You can click on the cannon to start the game!  Now this screen will come up:

First, you need to select which puffle you will play with!  All of your puffles will show up on this screen. I'll choose my brown puffle, named Buddy!
Now you'll have to select a level!  Right now, we can only play level one.  And, we can only currently play in the "Blue Sky" because we are new to the game!  Click on level one to begin...
You need to press the spacebar on your keyboard to launch your puffle, flying through the air!

As you get into farther levels, you will need to steer your puffle while it is in the air!
Arrow Keys to steer

You can steer your puffle by using the arrow keys on your keyboard!

You're trying to collect as many O-Berries as possible!
As you collect O-Berries, the metre in the top right hand corner will increase!

GREEN cannons blast you in whatever direction you send them, and then put the puffle into the next cannon that it hits!  BLUE cannons will bounce the puffle back into the cannon that it is facing!

But make sure your puffle always lands in a cannon, or else it will go shooting into the water and you'll have to restart!
You'll also need to watch out for things like floating pianos, which will affect you, and, if you hit a balloon, you'll bounce high in the air!

In order to beat the level successfully, you need to find the golden O-Berry, which is on fire!
Once you shoot your puffle through this strange ring of fire, you'll pass the level!
Now, you can move onto level 2, and so on and so on!
Then, once you've completed all the levels in the Blue Sky, if you're a member, you can play levels in the Box Dimension and in the Soda Sunset! Also, once you have enough O-Berries, you'll be able to build a new cannon!

I think Club Penguin has done an amazing job with this game - It's a lot more fun than Puffle Roundup! ;-]  What is your opinion on this game?



Syka said...

My brother and I have names for everything.
The red cannons are the Cannons of Awesomeness!
The purple ones are the Cannons of Supremeness!
The pianos are: The Evil Pianos of Darkness!
The cacti are: The Evil Cacti of Pricklyness!
The anvils are: The Evil Anvils of Heavyness!
The balloons are: The Crazy Awesome Boinga Balloons!
The crabs are: the crabs. (LOL)
The giant O-berry is: THE RING OF FIRE!!!!! xD
~A Crazy Syka, Wishing you a happy St. Pat's Day!

maxie 6 said...

best game on cp happy st.pats