Earth Hour Theme!

As you can see, this blog is decorated very strangely.  This is for an annual event, all over the world, called Earth Hour.  Earth Hour will be happening on March 26th this year.

Earth Hour is one hour a year when everyone turns off all their electricity.  Yes, this includes lights, computers, etc. (Unless you have a laptop which is charged, so you can unplug it ;-]) This is to help the world and save energy!  Every year, all around the world, more and more people participate and more and more energy is saved.

But THIS year is all about going BEYOND the hour!  The Earth Hour organizers want you to turn off all the electricity for MORE than an hour, and do MORE to help save the earth!  That is why, this year, I have decided to give my blog a new theme.  The reason it is so dark is because the less colour and the more black there is on a website, the less energy it uses to display it!  So right now, as you read this, you're on one of the most energy-saving blogs in the world!

So, I really hope that you and your family take the time to turn off all the electricity on March 26th, light some candles, and maybe play a board game by candlelight - It's REALLY fun!



Perapin said...

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bluehero said...

Oh! I Think I Should Put My Site More Darker! Thanks Slidoo!