June Sneak Peek!

Club Penguin has released this sneak peek for things coming up in June!

Billybob says that there will be a TON of stuffs coming for fans of the sea!  WOOT!  Another hint to the Water Party which I think will come in June.  The middle looks like some sort of arcade game... Hmm...

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Community Tree Growing!

This isn't much of a cheat but many of you want me to post about this.  The community tree at the Mine Shack grew!

Cool!  What do YOU think?  Also, I designed an avatar that looks just like my penguin!

The only difference is that my avatar has a friendship bracelet instead of an elite puffle, and the shoes are a different colour.  What do you think of this stuffs?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Slidoo's 30,000 Hits Party Details!

We have recently reached 30,000 hits and it's time to have a party! 

June 5, 2010
1:30 PM PST, 4:30 PM EST,3:30 PM CST
Server Blizzard
At the Dock

Please come if you can!!  We have over 300 different viewers, we should have LOTS of penguins coming!! Last time I had a party we had about 40 penguins there, let's get even MORE this time!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Membership Page Update!

Club Penguin has updated their membership page again!

(Click to enlarge)
Hey look!  Remember my adventure party theory?  Well on that page it says that the Adventure Party is COMING BACK just like I thought! (Thanks, Slippeestars)  It ALSO says that members will be able to take our buddies in an exclusive ship battle room!  What  in the world does that mean!?  I need theories!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

New Igloo Music!

There is new igloo music! 

The new songs are:

The Quest
Jungle Jangles
Knight's Challenge

Which one's your favourite?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Snow & Sports Catalogue Cheats and Soccer Pitch!

The Soccer Pitch is back and it's TOTALLY AWESOME!  It has a snack stand, the sport catalogue, and more!

New catalogue cheats... more like CHEAT here...

Here's the cover:

Here is the only hidden item:
Click the flying soccer ball for the green soccer jersey!
-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner


The EPF: Herbert's Revenge code FINALLY works and you get AWESOME prizes! 

You get the EPF gadget, an elite puffle, coins, and a jacket!  Click the spy gadget to begin.

Then you will see the gadget...

The top 2 gadgets are coming soon.  The whistle is only for members and it calls the elite puffle!!

The penguin icon teleports you, and the postcard allows you to send a postcard to someone to help them become an agent... I think... Go into your postcards and if you're an EPF agent you'll see this:

You can invite your friends to join the EPF!  When you get the postcard or are going to send it, it just looks blank... but when you roll your mouse over words they appear!  Here's a little video I made to show you:

The Everyday Phoning Facility is OUT!  It is where the OLD Sport Shop is- in the ski village!

If you ARE NOT an EPF agent you must take the test to become one.  Update: If you were a previous PSA agent you can take the test right away.  if you have the DS game you do not need to take the test, just enter the code.  If you have never been an agent before or any kind, you need to recieve the postcard that invites you to become an EPF agent.  Here is a video on how to pass the test:
The new HQ is COOL!

This is totally AWESOME!  What do YOU think?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

New Newspaper & Startup Screen!

There is a newspaper out today!
There is BIG construction at the ski village!

The newspaper just tells us stuffs we already know ;-)  It confirms that the Everyday Phoning Facility (first letters spell EPF, as I said before!)  will be taking the place of the sport shop, and that the sport catalogue will move to the soccer pitch!  Check out this AWESOME EPF start up screen:

In fact, Club Penguin has made an entire EPF page! However, the scroll bar sometimes doesn't show and it is really glitchy ;-)

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Slidoo's Water Party Theory!

Ok so remember when we voted for the party item and I said they all looked like WATER PARTY items?  Well in Herbert's Revenge Club Penguin is flooded by Herbert... this means WATER PARTY!  Remember when I said that back at the vote that I thought the water party would come back?  I am SO EXCITED!  Mimo already posted this but seriously, I thought of this before he posted it.  More will be added after I finish these Herbert's revenge cheats!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Hardest Challenge Reviewed By You

Last week Club Penguin asked us what the hardest challenge we have ever had to solve as an agent was and Rosie906 told them...

Well, I know this information is classified, but the hardest mission I ever solved was avalanche rescue. I was allowed to skip it though, so I moved onto the next one. Soon I was finished all the missions except that one! I decided to solve it once and for all. I went to the HQ, and solved the mission! It turned out it was easier than I thought! The trick is not to think too deeply. Be remarkable, be reliable, be ready! Good luck agents!

Wow!  I had a hard time solving that too! 

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Slidoo Gets Herbert's Revenge! CHEATS HERE!

Woot!  I finally got the game!  Here are the mission cheats:

Mission 1: First, talk to the director and answer the questions as they apply to you.  Next, enter the door with the blue and red puffle over top of them.  Walk up to one of the boxes and call the red puffle over.  Have it blow up the box, and you will see a target.  Hit the target using the blue puffle.  Do the same for the other crate, and also use the blue puffle to hit the already opened target.  Now, leave the room.  Next the Director will tell you about your next challenge.  Follow the other agents through the tunnel and collect the rope, dirty jackhammer, and pitchfork like object.  Next take the broken and dirty jackhammer and clean it in the water.  Next it will show you the parts.  Rotate them and move them around to build the jackhammer!  Next, use it to dig under the river at the place where the dirt is soft.  You will be asked to play a mini game, say yes and read the instructions.  Beat the mini game and then talk to the other agents.  Now walk through the next tunnel.  Now talk to the other agents and ask Dot how to combine items, unless you already know how.  Now combine the pithfork like object with the rope to make climbing equiptment.  Now click it and then click the cliff and you will be asked to play a mini game.  Read the instructions, and then play it and beat it.  Now talk to the agents and then talk to Rookie.  Tell him that you should combine items, and he will give you a poll.  Now do the same to Dot and you will get a belt.  Talk to Jet Pack Guy and do the same, he will say he has nothing but say it again and he will give you his jet pack.  Now combine the jet pack and the poll and click on it.  Now, loop the belt around the barred door.  Now take the jet pack on a stick and click the barred door.  Keep spinning it to move the bars closer and closer together and then you're done!  Now talk to the agents and walk through the barred door!  Does this part look familiar?  Yup!  It was the FIRST EVER sneak peek we got of Herbert's Revenge from Billybob!  Now talk with all the agents and tell them "you're" idea!  Talk to them all again and then, tap them so you're all standing and you can climb over the wall-well, most of you... except... YOU!   that's right you must be at the bottom.  Talk to the agents from over the wall and they will open the door for you, and now you can go through!  THANKS AGENTS! ;-)  Now talk to the Director, and you will learn that you're the leader of the EPF!  Now talk to the other agents and the Director, and you will FINISH MISSION 1! WOOT! Comment if this helped you!

Mission 2: After you beat mission 1, click on Launch Mission for Mission #2: Secret of the Fur.  You will now be in the UPDATED Command Room!  Here's a photo:
Talk to the Director and ignore Gary. Now you will get the EPF spy gadget!  It has LOTS of cool gadgets!  Now keep talking to the Director.  Now go speak to Gary.  He is to the left of the Director in the Command Room.  Take out your new gadget and use the wrench.  To open your gadget, click the icon below the puffle whistle icon.  Click the wrench and then click the machine.  Tap the bold and turn the wrench and tighten it!  Remember, when you're in the simulator, keep an eye out for snake tokens!  Keep talking to Gary and then click the machine.  Now you will be re playing the previous missions... wha?  Anyway, talk to Gary and tell him you'll see if you can fix his gadget.  Then click the fur analyzer on the table next to Gary.  Now use your gadget and get out the comb to brush away the pink fur.  After it matches the fur to the pink puffle, click the X.  Now talk to Gary and take the fur and analyze it.  After it says that it is unknown, click the X and talk to Gary.  Now go to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the worker.  Take the pizza off the table and bring it to the Ski Lodge.  Take the candle from in between the couches.  Click on the Gone Fishing door and talk to the dark blue fishing penguin.  Now, give him the pizza.  Now go back to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the employee.  Select the thing that is lowest from the screen and say it.  Now, talk to him some more and select the MIDDLE speach and he will let you take some hot sauce.  Click on the box of sauce to take a bottle.  Now go to the Coffee Shop and talk to the employee.  Click the top speech.  Now talk to him some more and click the top speech again.  Again click the top speech and the penguin will show you his drawing.  Now talk to him again and ask for some hot chocolate.  Now tell him you will try to fix the machine.  Click the hot chocolate/coffee maker behind the penguin.  Now use your wrench to connect the milk tube to the machine.  This is SO similar to the real mission, WHY do we have to do this AGAIN!?  Oh well.  Now take the mug off of the top of the machine.  Now put it under the hot chocolate sign.  Turn the dial on the side to hot.  Now exit the machine.  Talk to the penguin and click the top speech bubble.  Now talk to the penguin AGAIN and ask him if you can make some hot chocolate.  Go back to the Pizza place and get some chocolate sauce... and then back to the coffee shop!  Oh WHY is Club Penguin making us do the SAME THINGS again!?  Are they out of ideas? :(  Click the coffee/hot chocolate machine again, and poor the chocolate sauce into the hot chocolate bowl at the top.  Press the hot chocolate button to make some hot chocolate!  Click on the mug and pick it up.  Next go to the Lighthouse.  Talk to the penguins on the stairs and say the first option.  Now go to the Beacon and collect the floating jet pack fuel by calling the green puffle and clicking the fuel.  He will fly to it and bring it back to you!  THANKS PUFFLE!  Now go back to HQ Gadget Room and talk to Gary.  Tell him the MIDDLE speech bubble.  Now pour the hot sauce, hot chocolate, and fuel into the goggle machine's funnel.  Now click the goggles and you will collect them.  Go back to the ski lodge and talk to the penguin hiding under the couch cushions.  Say the first speech.  Go out the Gone Fishing door.  You will see Herbert talking.  Go to the Beach and collect the net right outside of the Lighthouse.  Now go INTO the Lighthouse.  Now collect the rope on the side of the red boat beside the Lighthouse's stage.  Go BACK to the ski lodge and out the fishing door.  Combine the rope and net to make a trap, and then hang it from the tree.  Now put  the candle on the net.  Now Klutzy will walk out to get the candle and will be trapped!  Click on the trapped crab to collect it!  Now you will see some white fur beside the Lodge... click it and pick it up.  Now go back to the HQ and into the Gadget Room to talk to Gary. Talk to him and select the first speech bubble.  Now give Gary the crab.  Now continue talking and select the top speech bubble.  Now put the fur in the analyzer and scan it.  Finish talking to Gary and now you have completed mission 2!

Mission 3: Time to re-do ANOTHER mission we already did! Joy! Not.  Here are the cheats...
First go into the mission guide and select Mission 3: Questions for a Crab.  Select Launch Mission.  Talk to Gary.  Now follow Klutzy.  Jump off the cliff!  Woah, this is making me dissy!  Go to the place that just has one bush in it.   Then follow the trail to the black puffle.  You will learn that he is hungry.  Now find the area with a log and a bush and a bag of O berries in the tree.  Use your EPF scissors to cut the rope and make the bag of berries fall.  Pick up the sack of berries.  At least this isn't IDENTICAL and it is pretty fun doing it again since I have TOTALLY forgot how to do it!  Go back to the black puffle and give him an O berry.  The puffle will start following you.  Next go outside of Herbert's cave and put an O berry infront of the pet door, the puffle will go inside.  He will open the door.  Walk inside.  Herbert!  Now talk to Herbert.  After Herbert is done find the cage lift and put an O berry right below the green UP arrow.  Now, the puffle will jump on it and water will start pouring.  Now put another berry on the little metal pan-like-thingy that the water is falling onto, and then into the drain. MAKE SURE YOU PUT THE BERRY ON THE LEFT SIDE, SO IT WILL SWITCH THE SAY THE WATER IS POURING!  Now put another berry on the little platform beside the big gear.  Now, the water will turn the gear the you're out of the cage!  Yay!  You'll NEVER stop us, Herbert P. Bear!  Find Herbert's desk and take his blueprint, find the hook beside the desk, and get the rope right above the hook!  Also pick up the hot sauce on the desk, and then leave the cave.  Oh no!  Snow is blocking the door!  Use the red elite puffle to blast through the snow!  Where'd the black puffle go?  I have no idea, but let's keep going.  Now find the river by Herbert's cave.  Now click the river.  Then combine the hook and rope.  Now, call the pink puffle and have it lasso the fish.  You will ALSO get a snake token!  Woot!  Even if you don't get the fish, you still caught it.  Now make your way back to the mountain, and go to the spot where you landed.  Click on a certain spot and then use your hook and rope to climb up the mountain... time to play Grapple Gadget!  Play it and beat it to get to the top.  You can also collect pizza boxes in this one... hmmm... After you beat it you will be at the top of the mountain!  Now go to the Ski Lodge.  Then go through the Go Fishing green door and you will see EVIL Herbert sitting there.  Click on him, and then go get a seaweed pizza at the Pizza Shop.  Just talk to the penguin and ask for a seaweed pizza.  Now go BACK to Herbert and put the pizza right beside him.  While he's eating it turn the lever on the machine card thing to the red back arrow.  Now keep clicking Herbert and he will go flying backwards on the machine!!  Gary will come now.  Talk to him.  Take the phone from him and click on Herbert's picture.  Then press the X on the phone.  Talk to Gary and say the top speech, then give him the blueprints you found in Herbert's cave.  Now keep talking to Gary.  At the end, you see the black puffle go flying across the sky! ;-) Now, you have completed mission 3!

Mission 4: Go to the missing list and select Mission #4: Mysterious Tremors.  Click Launch Mission to begin.  Talk to Gary, and pick up the brown hat behind him.  Then go to the Dock.  You will see Herbert and Klutzy in their giant drill.  Talk to Herbert.  Now, go chase the papers Herbert dropped.  First go to the Town, then look near the Nightclub roof.  You will see hakf of the directions Herbert dropped.  Go into the Coffee Shop and talk to the employee beside the counter.  Tell him that you'll help clean up the cookies.  Now click the cookies on the ground and put them in the pot using your stylus.  Now, when he askes you if you want a cookie, say YES.  Take the cookie and go into the Town again.  Now give the hat you got from the HQ to the green puffle on the ground.  Now, give it the cookie you got from the Coffee shop.  He will knock the paper down!  Pick it up.  Now go to the snow forts and try to get the paper down from the flag by tapping it.  It will continue to fly, chase it and go to the Plaza.  Now talk to the penguin holding the newspaper.  Tell him you would like to see the newspaper.  Go into the Pizza shop and ask the clerk for a double meat pizza with extra grey fish.  He will give it to you.  Now go back out to the Plaza and give the pizza to the green newspaper penguin.  When he asks you if you want him to trade something, ask him for the newspaper.  Half of the map was in that newspaper!  Now combine the 2 pieces together.  Go back to the Dock and go through the hole in the ground.  You will learn that it is too dark, so now go back up to the Dock and take Herbert's lantern that he also dropped.  Now, back to the tunnels!  Go into your inventory and turn the lantern on by tapping it once with your stylus.  Now, click one of the tunnels... MINI GAME TIME!  Play and beat Amazing Maze, then you'll be at the other side.  Oh no!  The gift shop sunk into the ground!  Go to the Beach and get the net beside the Lighthouse.  Now go in the lighthouse and talk to the orange penguin and ask him if you could have some balloons.  Take the box of them and go to the sport shop and talk to the orange penguin inside.  Then take the box of pegs on the ground.  Go back to the Gadget room and talk to Gary.  Then after the shaking, talk to him again and ask him what the super helium is.  When he answers ask him if you can take it.  Now search around the room for the big super helium machine.  Then, collect the hammer off the wall in the gadget room. Now go to the Town and talk to the penguins outside of the Gift Shop.  Now, you must be very quick.  Take the balloon box and super helium and combine them, and you will get a big balloon.  Take the balloon and tie it to the gift shop.  Now hurry and slip the net under it.  Then when the net is under it put the pegs in all four corners and hammer them in with the hammer.  Now go back to the Dock and go through the tunnels, you don't have to play the mini game this time.  Go under the gift shop and through the broken brick wall.  Tap Herbert.  Talk to him and when he and Klutzy leave take the call from Gary.  Then click the boiler and fix the pipes by switching them around to make one long pipe.  Then take the call from Gary again.  Next go to the HQ and talk to Gary and you have finished the mission!

Mission 5: First launch Mission 5: Spy and Seek.  First talk to Gary and tell him you're ready for the mission.  More soon...

Mission 6: coming soon
Mission 7: coming soon
Mission 8: coming soon
Mission 9: coming soon
Mission 10: coming soon

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Old Sport Shop Becoming The Everyday Phoning Facility!

I have confirmed with Club Penguin that the Sport Shop will not be torn down.  It will simply turn into the Everyday Phoning Facility!  In the building, it will be VERY hard to damage with strong walls, cameras, and more!  I will have more news coming soon.  I know because I have checked with a few penguins who say it is in Herbert's Revenge Mission 8!  In the room, there will be the entrance to the NEW EPF HQ!  Thank you to all of you who have told me this!  I cannot WAIT for this new building!  Can you?  Notice how Everyday Phoning Facility spells EPF if you take the first letters only?  That is because this is pretty much an EPF room.  It has one telephone, and then the new HQ entrance!

I almost have Herbert's Revenge!  Cheats will be posted on the Blog page (this page) AND the DS Game Cheats page!

Update: Thanks to Waltle, I now have an AWESOME photo of the new room!  When I get the game, I will take my own photo of the INSIDE but here is Waltle's photo of the outside:

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

New Command Room Coming Soon!

Hi everyone!  Later today is the time I get the game!  Remember my theory about the sneak peek that there would be a new command room BEHIND the current command room wall and will be for Herbert's Revenge penguins?  Well, I am correct!  When you get the DS game, a notice comes up saying that Club Penguin is not yet ready for the code!  It tells you to try again in a few days!!  This means that later this week, penguins who get Herbert's Revenge will be able to get into the NEW Command Room!  FULL credit goes to Bobhead202 for noticing this!  (He already got the game)  What do you think?  Together, Bobhead202 and I are trying to bring you some SUPER EXCLUSIVE photos of the new command room, hopefully we can get some very soon!  Also, I will post Herbert's Revenge cheats here when I get the game but will ALSO put them on my DS Game Cheats page!  That page will stay up for a few months to help penguins who get the game late!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

EPF Online Sneak Peek!

Some BIG things for agents are gonna be launched ONLINE this week and here's a sneak peek from Billybob on the Club Penguin blog:

Hmmm it looks like the agent from the home page!  Club Penguin Home Page Update.  Also, I have confirmed that I'll be getting Herbert's Revenge tomorrow, so I'll post the cheats then!

There is construction on the Sport Shop... sadly, it is being taken down forever. :(  The catalogue has been moved to the Ski Village until the Soccer Pitch comes. 

What's that on the ground?  It looks like the outline of an EPF badge! What could this mean?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Herbert's Revenge In Stores NOW!

Herbert's Revenge is in stores now!

NO, I DON'T already have it!  :(  I will LIKELY be getting it sometime this week!  I am getting the game TOMORROW.  I can't get it today because my mom is going somewhere important, and my dad is going to the country Chile.  I have CONFIRMED that it comes with a code.  The code from the LAST game gets you into the Command Room... and we suspected that there would be a NEW Command Room BEHIND the command room wall for agents with this NEW DS game, but there isn't... YET.  This means, I am assuming, that the code is a regular coin code!  Do you have the game yet?  Are you gonna get it?  Do you think it'll be fun?  Or do you think it will be a failure!?  Tell me by commenting!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Herbert's Revenge Final Sneak Peeks!

Ok... so Herbert's Revenge is in stores TOMORROW, and I'm gonna likely get it, TOMORROW.  So let's review some sneak peeks.  But FIRST, I am closing the Wacky Outfit contest EARLY because we have so many AMAZING entries!  However, we only have 1 non-member entry so I am AUTOMATICLY putting that entry in the vote, along with the top 4.  Here are the top 4 (plus the non member) entries out of A LOT!! We had over 30 entries!  Thank you so much!





VOTE in the sidebar!

Ok... so back to the sneak peeks!  Here are some mini game sneak peeks:

Woah woah woah... so we know that the Sport Shop is leaving the island, but then why isn't the Ski Lodge in that photo!?  Let's take a closer look...

Is this a mess up, or is Club Penguin just FAILING really badly and removing the Ski Lodge too!?  They better not be!  The Lodge Attic is my favourite room! ;-)  Anyway, more sneak peeks:

Also the badges from the Elite Penguin Force game will be coming to Club Penguin!  There will be a gold, silver, bronze, ice, and wood badge:

Here is what it will look like on your playercard:

I can't wait for the game, can you?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

iSlidoo Gift Cards Now Available!

Is it your online friend's birthday and you really wanna give them something special but don't know how?  Do you just want to be an awesome friend?  Well now you can with iSlidoo gift cards!  Here's how it works:

First, you pick a card design. 
Next, you put in an amount of points (You must already have the amount) For example, if I have 100 points and I want to send a gift card to my friend, I might put 50 points on the card.  Then I would lose 50 points and those 50 would be put on the gift card.  Now I will only have 50 points. 
Next you tell me your penguin/iSlidoo account name.
Then you tell me who you are sending the card to.  You must say their penguin name/iSlidoo account name.  If you know their email address, also include that.

Then, the card will be sent to the person you gave it to, and they will get the points you put on the card!  This is a GREAT way to wish someone a happy birthday, send them a thank-you present, or just be plain awesome!

Design #1:

Design #2:

Design #3:

Design #4:

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Slidoo's Monthly Contest!

It seems like you all like the idea of having a contest every month... last month we had the AWESOME murder mystery, this month it's gonna be totally different! 

Back in February, I had a contest which many of you LOVED!  So I am bringing it back!  It is the CRAZY OUTFIT CONTEST!  Last time I had a weirdest and a rarest catagory... this time there will ONLY be a weirdest catagory!   To enter, just go on Club Penguin and dress up in your WEIRDEST clothes!  There will be one winner that is a member, and because non members don't have much crazy clothes they don't have a good chance of winning so there will also be one non member prize!  I will pick the top 3 from non members, and the top 3 from members, and you will vote to declare the winners!  The prize is 250 iSlidoo points.  Not a huge prize, but it also isn't a huge contest. 

How do you enter?  Just email me at slidoo@live.ca OR comment on this post with the link to your picture.  The picture must show your penguin dressed up in the WEIRDEST clothes ever!  Also tell me if you are a member or a non member!  Here is my example:

It needs to be REALLY weird in order to win!  You have until THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2010 to give me your wacky outfits!  Have fun!  Also, I still need the iSlidoo passwords from MANY of you!  CLICK HERE to find out about iSlidoo accounts and passwords if you are an iSlidoo member and haven't yet told me your password!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Herbert's Revenge Sneak Peek!

Billybob has released ANOTHER sneak peek of Herbert's Revenge!

These are some photos of the game!  This is the LAST sneak peek we will get because on May 25 it will be OUT in STORES!  We will LEARN what will happen with the PSA and EPF next in the DS game I bet! 
What do you think of this? (Thanks, Waltle!)  Also, I have posted this before pretty much ANYONE including the famous penguins! ;-) 

A few days ago The Web Pengs band (Policeman655, Oopsyocto155, and I) released our first single Jamming Man.  Now, we are releasing the rest of our album to Youtube!  I will also add the new songs to the mixpod on this site so you can hear them!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Slidoo's SUPER EXCLUSIVE EPF Gadget Sneak Peek!

Hi guys!  I am SO HAPPY right now because Billybob sent some famous bloggers a sneak peek of the EPF gadget that will likely be replacing the spy phone... and I was upset when I saw that the same peoples who ALWAYS get exclusives from him got them AGAIN... today, I managed to get MYSELF one of these sneak peeks!  Here is the gadget:

No, I didn't get this from Billybob but it took a ton of hard work to get it!  I ALSO am happy to say that Billybob now knows about this website! :)  It looks like the Whistle will be so we can whistle to the EPF puffles with SPECIAL MOVES.  The penguin icon looks like the teleport icon, and the envelope looks like a super secret mail system the EPF might create!  The other two are still a mystery to me, although the right one looks like a target of some sort... could it be one?  Comment telling me what you think of this AWESOME sneak peek!


-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Series 5 Plush Puffles!

Club Penguin will be releasing the series 5 plush puffles on July 20, 2010!  They have REALLY weird faces!  Here is a picture of them:

I think they all look pretty weird, but the white one looks EVEN WEIRER!  ;-)  Which one do you like best?  Do you think you'll get any of these puffles?

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Screenhog's Behind The Scenes!

Screenhog is BACK posting about some behind the scenes drawings of Mission 11!  They say that Club Penguin has never been so affected by a mission except for the earthquakes in a previous mission!  Here are the sketches:
Cool!  Those all happened in the REAL mission!  Did you like the mission? 

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

Club Penguin Home Page Agent Update! Friend's Party Update!

Since the PSA ended in mission 11, Club Penguin has made updates to their home page!  Before there was a spy phone on the ground, and an agent popped out and took it away.  NOW there is an EPF gadget on the ground...

...And when you click it, an EPF agent pops out and takes it like the agent used to do!

What do you think of this update?  Comment telling me!

Also, my friend Fluffygood is having a party on Club Penguin!  Here is the info:
May 23, 2010
Server Fjord
3:30 PM PST
Please go if you can!  He is a great friend!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner



Tooters Polluters
SecUer Manure
Queen Binawa
Funny Fish
Birdy (Ferdthebird)


-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

I am not AS annoyed anymore because the sport catalogue is moving to the Soccer Pitch when it returns, along with SNACKS!!  I bet there will be an endless supply of POPCORN!

I have just recieved an email from Club Penguin saying that they haven't yet CONFIRMED that it is being taken away.  They say it is possible!  POSSIBLE is the key word there.  They say we need to use our "Penguin Patience" and wait and see what will happen.  So I have a few questions...

Is Club Penguin doing this for drama because nothing big has happened lately?
Did Club Penguin finally realize that the Sport Shop was almost IDENTICAL to the Gift Shop?

New Barrel Pin!

Newspaper News Click Here

There is a new pin out on Club Penguin!  It is the BARREL PIN located in the Book Room!

What do you think?  I'M thinking that Club Penguin is out of good pin ideas ;-)

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner

POPPING All Over Club Penguin! Newspaper!

There is a new newspaper out today!

First off, there is NOTHER hidden message from the PSA!  To find it click on the place circled in the following picture on page A2:

If you cannot see the picture click on the title at the top that says SOCIAL SCENE.  Here is the message:
It says "As you know, our PSA headquarters have been compromised by popcorn.  Do not worry.  We are making plans... We'll update you soon. Stay sharp."  Slidoo's Mission 11 Guide and Theory click here

The island is POPPING with popcorn!  First we have the Ski Village...

ALL YOU CAN EAT POPCORN!  Next we have the Sport Shop...

And NOW we have the HQ... the place that EXPLODED in the mission...

The sign says:

"To Do List:
Eat all the popcorn
Plan to catch Herbert
Find a new HQ soon"

If you take the first letter of each line it spells EPF!  This is another reason I think my theory is correct!  Finally, it's time for SOCCER SEASON!

It KICKS off (get my joke?  Hahaha... why are you not laughing?) on May 28!  I cannot wait!  Can you?  Comment telling me YOUR original theories!

-Slidoo, CP Cheat World Owner