New EPF Message from Gary the Gadget Guy

Attention agents - Agent Gary has just sent us another message to our spy phones.  When you get to your spy phone, click on the messages icon and the new message from Gary will appear:
Wow!  If you can't see the picture, it says:

"Herbert said he needed the Wheelbot's design. He might be building more. I've prepared a new anti-robot defense cannon just in case."

Uh oh!  The Wheelbot!  I hope that this new cannon works - Do you think it will be another colour of cannon put into System Defender?  Maybe in that final Director level?

What do you think is going to happen?  Leave a comment to let me know your theories.


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Y27s said...

Hi Slidoo, I know you know Monchocho. Have you known his site has been hacked? Pls. help!