Field-Op #34 Cheats?

Uhh, hey agents!  The new Field-Op is out, however, I forget which number we're on!  It's been so long since we've had one.  To begin your orders head over to the EPF Command Room and click the Field-Ops screen. This message will come up:
Agents - You need to act FAST and find a citizen computer immediately!  For this week's Field-Op you need to head over to the Recycling Centre.
Walk up to the spot I'm standing in in that image and your spy phone will start ringing. Click on it to answer it and this will come up:
Finally a NEW GAME!  You need to look at the big symbol on the right and then find that symbol in the jumble of symbols on the left side!  Then click on it and you'll get another symbol.  But be quick!  You only have a few seconds to find each symbol!
Now once you've completed it, you'll get one medal for the Elite Gear!  Also, this message comes up, it's from Herbert:
It says "To: UP10K  "Protobot! We've wasted enough time attacking the EPF's System Defender! Those fowl fools are better than I thought.

We need a new plan. Send the Wheelbot to my lair, I need its design. Oh - and stop calling me 'polar bear'!" 

Uh oh!  The wheelbot is going to Herbert's lair!  Wait.. where is his lair?  Is he still using that cave in the woods?  Lots of questions.. which I think will be answered fairly soon. ;-]


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