NEW Puffle Playercard Layout!

The new puffle stuff is HERE!  I went into my igloo to find my puffles, and I clicked on my white one, and this AWESOME new screen came up!
I decided to feed him a cookie, and he ate it!
All you need to do is drag the food to the puffle and they will eat it!
Now, on the far right side of the screen, you'll see 3 different tabs.  One is for food, one is for playing, and the other one is for special puffle care!
Each puffle has some of their own toys to play with!  Here are is all the care stuff, toys, and food supplies that you start off with, for a WHITE puffle:
Those are the supplies that you start with, however, you can buy MORE puffle supplies at the Pet Shop!  They will then appear in your puffle care screen so you can use them with your puffle!

I LOVE this update, I think it's one of the best that Club Penguin has had in a LONG time!  Do you agree?


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