Field-Ops #36 Walkthrough!

Today, to go along with all of the big updates, Club Penguin has also released Field-Operation #36.  To begin, go to the EPF Command Room and click on the Field-Ops screen.
Now, this week's assignment will come up:
Now head over to the Stadium, where you will see a small room that says "Sports".  Walk in it and your EPF phone will begin to ring.
Now, click on your EPF spy phone and you will be faced with this week's mini game.
Again, this is a NEW game!  In order to play this game, you'll need to watch and listen for when the thing clicks.  It will make a few clicks, and then the green target will spin around.  You'll need to click on the screen to put a piece of glass in the same spot that the original ones were in.  For example, when the green target goes on one of the parts that is already filled in, it will make clicks every time it hits a piece of glass.  There are seven different slots in each part, and there are 4 parts.  Let's say that a piece of glass is in the first slot, in the second slot, and in the fifth slot.  When the target comes around to the first slot on an empty part, you'll need to give the screen a click.
I know that my instructions above probably made no sense, but this game is REALLY hard to explain!  Hopefully you'll understand what you have to do after a few tries.  Then, once you complete it, you'll get a medal for the Elite Gear!  Also, a message from Herbert will come up...
It says:

(Inside of locker #77, you found a hidden note from Herbert!)

Protobot - I think those pesky penguins are on to us. They must have decrypted our messages!

For now, only send messages with the crabs. We have to take down the EPF communication.

Oh no!  Herbert found out what we found his messages!  Isn't this what Gary told us NOT to let him know?  Rookie, did you tell him!?  What do you think Herbert, the Probot, and Klutzy are planning this time?



Syka said...

Hey Slidoo, I want to apply for CPA but I couldn't tweet you because I don't have a Twitter. Could you make a form or something, or is there another way I could apply? Thx!

Syka said...

I really like the new "Meet the Team" page, but can you at least put the names of the mods (me, Dingeljoe, Qwerty, and Numberpengu) on it? We work for you too, ya know! =D It would be nice, since you took down the mod list. =)
~Your Mod, Syka

Anonymous said...

wow thx this helped me do the new game u rock