Ultimate Rookie Tracker 2011

Update: By looking through Club Penguin's files, we have now confirmed that Rookie WILL be waddling around Club Penguin.  We are here to track Rookie LIVE!
Many penguins are saying that he is not actually here, but Club Penguin's coding does not lie and tells us that Rookie is officially a Club Penguin mascot and they are working on his gift right now. Remember, Club Penguin Agents is a reliable source and we will only post information that is true, or almost confirmed to be true.

Remember to be nice, not advertise, and ONLY say real locations on our Rookie tracker chat!

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Rookie Tracking Tips:
Rookie is a very new mascot to Club Penguin and we don't yet know very many tracking tips.  If you see Rookie for the first time you'll get the stamp notification, so you know that you'll be in the same room as him. Here is his player card:

It is a FACT that we were the first blog in HISTORY to post a REAL location of Rookie, making us the first official Rookie tracker EVER!

Let me know if you find Rookie using our tracker!


Red aju said...

Well, where did you see the coding? Could you please tell me?
Red aju

bsneed said...

whart you say is true about what you said under rookies player card is TRUE!!!