Field-Ops #35 CHEATS!

Agents - Your new Field-Op has been released!  Hurry and complete it to keep the island safe!  Begin by visiting the EPF Command Room, and then clicking on the Field-Ops screen.
Now, you will see this message:
Wow!  A whole group of mini wheel bots!?  Sounds bad - We must act fast!  To complete this Field-Operation, you need to visit the Ski Village.
Now, walk up to where I am standing in the image above.  Once you're there, your EPF phone will begin to ring.  Just click on it and you will begin your mini game!
It's a NEW MINI GAME! Yay!  In this game, you need to destroy the targets.  To do this, you need to match the target to the X and Y coordinates!  Always press the X coordinate of a target before the Y one.  Remember, the Xs are on the bottom, and the Ys are on the side!  For example, if a target appears on the second line on the bottom, and the 4th line on the side, the coordinates would be 2, 4.  You press those and it disappears!  However, you need to be quick and focused, because there are a LOT of targets and not a lot of time!
When you're finished, you'll get a medal for the Elite Gear!  Then, a message from Herbert will come up:
It says:


Do you have any idea how long it took to create all of them??? They don't just grow on trees!

Mark my words - you will not be so lucky again!"

We destroyed ALL of his mini wheel bots!  Good job, agent!

I think this new Field-Op game is pretty fun, but you need to know a bit about coordinates and grids, so I don't know if some of Club Penguin's younger players will be able to beat it!  What do you think?


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