Two New EPF Messages From G

Hey Penguins!

Today G has sent all Agents two new messages on the Spy Phone - 

The messages say - "Tech Agents - defense cannons are too dangerous. Focus on snowball combat. Keep the Cauldron 3000 working: it's vital for the blue Hydra."

"RED ALERT! All agents report to the Everyday Phoning Facility immediately! We are under attack! This is not a drill!"

These messages are just about Herbert attacking the EPF. G is telling us to use snowballs to defeat the Blue Hydra. Let us know if you have managed to defeat Herbert yet.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Herbert Attacks Club Penguin! (Field-Ops)

This is a sticky post. Scroll down for updates.
WOW! Agents - you're needed IMMEDIATELY! Herbert has JUST attacked Club Penguin, and we need to play the NEW MINI GAME to stop him! The game is located in the Everyday Phoning Facility.
Now, at the beginning of the game, you'll get to talk to Herbert, face to face! He'll tell you about what he's been working on and how he developed such powerful dragons! Many penguins are having technical glitches and aren't able to talk to Herbert - Hopefully everyone will be able to speak to him face to face, very soon!
..Now, the game will begin! You need to defeat Herbert and the Hyrda Dragons!
You need to use your snowballs to hit the dragons and the target on the floating fire pot to have the dragons defeated, just like in the third Medieval Quest! But watch out - If you get hit by the dragons too many times, you'll have to restart! The easiest way to defeat these robot monsters is to team up with other penguins around you, and together you should be hitting the floating target when it's above a dragon's head - this causes the dragons to lose power! It is very hard... But it feels awesome when you finally defeat Herbert's plan!
The dragons blow up! It seems amazing, but suddenly, prizes start raining out of the sky, and you receive THREE EPF MEDALS! You can also get 2 prizes:
ONE of these prizes is a FREE Yellow Hydra Head IGLOO item, and you can get AS MANY of these as you want... Update: Sometimes you can get BLUE or RED hydra heads INSTEAD of yellow! If you want them all, I guess you'll have to defeat him 3 times!
...And the other is a FREE EPF Badge pin!
These are AWESOME prizes and I'm so glad that us penguins worked together to foil Herbert's NEW plan! It's back to the drawing board for Herbert! ;-]

What was your favourite part of this crazy plan of Herbert's?


Puffles Get a Makeover!

Hey there, penguins!

Today, Club Penguin has changed the way that our puffles look, when they are inside of our igloos. Instead of the old, not as cute look, they have replaced them with much cuter puffles!  Let's take a look at the new puffle design:
I really like this update, and think that these puffles look much more modern and professional, and I think that they are much cuter, which will likely make more people buy them or pay attention to them! What do you think about this update?


Snow And Sports Catalog May 2011 Cheats

Hey Penguins!

Today, Club Penguin updated the Stadium and it is now the Soccer Pitch again - 
There is also a new Snow and Sports catalog. Here are the cheats for the catalog -

To get the Yellow Soccer Jersey, click on the metal part with two screws on it.

This catalog is filled with new sporty items. Let us know what you think of the catalog.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Reviewed by You: For Agents Only

Hey Penguins!

Last week, Club Penguin asked what your favourite part of the Medieval Party was. Lotzki1 said -

This is the BEST party of the year! I looove the quests and I like how they are really challenging! The defeating the Hydra quest is an awesome idea because you work together with other penguins to defeat the monster. I also love the decorations! Keep up the awesome work, Club Penguin Team!

This week, Club Penguin want to hear from Secret Agents. If you are not an agent yet, you may not want to read the next part because it contains some classified information.

This week Club Penguin want to hear from you about a certain polar bear that has been threatening the EPF for some time. The Club Penguin Team want to know What's been about your favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear, Esquire so far?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

EPF Message From Rookie

Hey Penguins!

Agents have recieved a new message from Rookie -

The message says - "Maybe Herbert decided not to do anything bad. The party ends tomorrow, and still no sign of him. Maybe he's a good guy now!"

I'm sure Rookie is joking! Herbert a good guy?! I don't think so.... I'm sure Herbert has decided to do something bad (see, top secret EPF Sneak Peak). When do you think Herbert will strike?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author


Warning: This post contains potential spoilers. DO NOT read this post unless you are an EPF Agent and are prepared for a sneak peek.

Agents - I apologize for the late post.  Anyways, you all need to be READY... Herbert is planning an attack on the island, sometime this month. Check your calenders, agents, May ends in 2 and a half days.  He's going to attack soon and we NEED to be prepared!  Take a look...
At first, I thought that Herbert and Klutzy were driving robots of some sort, or even vehicles... But then, Mimo777 pointed out that they look like they are CONTROLLING the dragons in Medieval Quest #3! What are your theories?

Club Penguin HERBERT Tracker 2011 with Slidoo and Josh29 WILL be reposted if Herbert makes an appearance to the island!


Another EPF Message From G

Hey Penguins!

Agents should check their Spy Phones because G has sent another message -

The message says - "Still nothing. As far as our surveillance cameras go, we haven't seen anything else suspicious. Stay sharp, everyone."

So, there has been no suspicious activity. When do you think Herbert will strike?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Medieval Safe Chat Messages

Hello ye olde penguins!  Today, along with the rest of the Medieval Party updates, Club Penguin has added the safe chat messages for this party.

Safe Chat messages are special messages that any Club Penguin player, EVEN if you have your chat mode to 'Safe Chat', can say, with just a few clicks!  Take a look at the new messages:
These are great messages for penguins who have set their status to Safe Chat mode to be able to say, if they want to talk about the Medieval Party!  What is your favourite new message?


Medieval Catalog Update!

Hey Penguins!

Today, the Medieval Catalog has been updated with 2 new items. Lets take a look and see what the new items are -

 The new items are the Purple Dragon Costume and the Lute. I think the Dragon Costume is cool! Let us know which item from the Medieval Catalog is your favourite.

There are also 2 more hidden items -  

To get the Bracers, click on the Puffle on the blue Tabard.


To get the Purple Dragon Feet, click on the hole in the Lute.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Field-Ops #46 Full Guide

Hello EPF Agents - I hope you're ready, because today a new Field-Op mission has been released, and it might be a big one. Just like always, you'll need to head over to the EPF Command Room in order to begin your task.
Once you're there, you need to click on the "Field-Ops" screen.  Once you have done so, a summary of your mission will come up:
Once you're this far, you need to click "Accept Field-Op" and your mission will begin!  But, where does this week's Field Op take place?  Right outside of the Everyday Phoning Facility!
Once you are there, your EPF phone will start ringing. Click on it to answer it!


Field Ops #46

Hey Penguins!

A new Field Op is here. Head over to the Command Room to recieve your orders.

Here are this weeks orders -

G wants us to search the Island for anything suspicious.

This weeks Field Op location is at the Ski Village - 

Stand outside the EPF, infront of the flowers.

This weeks Mini-Game is the one where you have to crack the code - 

When you complete the Field Op, you will earn a medal and recieve a message from Herbert -

We will have to wait a while to find out what Herbert is up to. We know from this Field Op that a device was found outside the EPF. Could Herbert's plan be very dangerous?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

EPF Message From G

Hey Penguins!

My Spy Phone was flashing again, which can only mean one thing.... Agents have recieved a new message. The message is from G -

The message says - "Hmm... We're still not sure what Herbert is planning, and he hasn't sent any other messages. Agents, be on full alert this week."

Whatever Herbert is planning, I'm sure it won't be very nice. It sounds like something could happen this week. What do you think could happen?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguni Agents author

Spy Phone Message From Jet Pack Guy

Hey Penguins!

Agents should check their Spy Phones once again, because Jet Pack Guy has sent a new message - 

The message says - "Found a suspicious device in the Cave, underground. Spoke to a few agents, and they found one too. No other sign of Herbert though."

We now know that Herbert has been to the Underground Cave. He has left some suspicious devices. What do you think these devices could be?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

EPF Message From Dot

Hey Penguins!

Agents should check their Spy Phones because Dot has sent a new message - 

The message says - "Disguised myself as a princess and staked out the Attic. No sign of Herbert. Gotta say, I much prefer my uniform to a princess gown. :P"

So, we know Herbert is not at the Attic. Where do you think Herbert is and what do you think his next plan will be?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Reviewed by You: Medieval Party!

Hey Penguins!

Last week, Club Penguin asked you to tell them about someone's Igloo you thought was cool. Here are a few the Club Penguin Team liked -

Bengweno's Igloo - 

Penngiwin's Igloo - 

Aderion's Igloo -

Those are some great Igloos! For this weeks Reviewed By You, Club Penguin want to know, What's your favorite thing about the Medieval Party?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

New Postcards!

Hey Penguins!

Some new Medieval themed postcards have been released. Lets take a look at the postcards -

The new Postcards are -  

  • Awesome Outfit
  • Hidden Lake
  • Tree Forts
  • Medieval Party
  • Medieval Quest Invite
Let us know which one is your favourite!

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Message From Rookie

Hey Penguins!

Agents should check their Spy Phones because Rookie has sent a new message -

The message says - "Everything looks clean to me so far. Except the puffle pens - they're a bit smelly. But not suspicious-smelly. Just regular smelly."

Hmmm.... Do you think there could be something supicious about the Puffle pens? We know how daft Rookie can be....

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Club Penguin Times Issue #292

Hey penguins!

Today, most people forgot about one of the most important updates known to penguins! The new Club Penguin Times issue! Here's this week's new issue:

Lead Story: "The Quest Hath Begun!"

 Can't read this article? Well it mainly talks about the new Medieval Quests in the Cave Mine! Make sure to complete those as soon as possible! Anyway, on to the new upcoming events!

Upcoming Events:

Starting May 27th: Medieval Catalog Update
June 1st: Pay Day
Starting June 3rd: New Penguin Style

Looks like some cool updates are coming to the game! Don't you guys think? Wonder what the Medieval Catalog update could mean. New items in that temporary catalog? Leave a comment on what you think!


Club Penguin Times Issue #292

June17 here! The 292 issue of the Club Penguin Times is here along with the Medieval Party. On this week's issue, the topics are on the new Knight's Quest and the Medieval Party Highlights.

Three adventurous quest waits upon members in the Underground Pool. Gary said only the bravest of the brave can make it through each quest. On the note that Gary left us said that this is very dangerous. Knights and Princess will face puzzles, challenges and three times the fire power. Head over to the Underground to begin your quest.....if you dare! Here are the highlights of the Medieval Party: Knight's Quest, Knight's Quest 2, Knight's Quest 3, Tree Forts and Princess's Lodge Castle.
Now finally, here are the upcoming events:

May 27: Medieval Catalog Update

May 31: New Snow and Sports Catalog

June 1: Pay Day

June 3: New Penguin Style
That's it!

~June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

Club Penguin - Golden Armour Special Dance

Hey penguins!

Today, my friend Wolf56900 found something pretty cool about one of the new items on CP! If you wear the Golden Knight's Armour suit, and dance, you will not perform the normal dance! Take a look at the new special dance:

Thanks Wolf56900 for the image, and the find of this special dance! What do you think about the dance? Pretty cool and unique, right? Leave a comment on your thoughts!

-Josh29- CP Agents Author

Medieval Party 2011 Cheats - Part 4 Quest #3 Cheats

Penguins!  Club Penguin's Medieval Quest #3, the NEW quest, is finally working!  To begin this adventurous new quest, go into the Underground Pool and you'll see three gates. Walk through this one...
Now, once you've walked through that spooky gate, you'll be challenged with your first task.  In this event, you must watch closely as the giant cups spin around, and then you must click on the cup which holds the gem you must find!
You must do it 3 times, correctly, and then the gate to the right will open up and you can walk through!  In this next room, you'll be able to pick up a free item - and you'll also be faced with another task.  In this task, you must somehow press some buttons in order to open up the pathway.  Here's an image showing which directions you must go in, and every time you reach a spot, you must click the button there or it will not work.
Now, you'll be able to go through the next gate!
Hmm... It says that the next challenge is to defeat the dragons! The pictures that light up look like they are giving us some hints!  Before you go in and face your last challenge, MAKE SURE you pick up the golden shield - It looks like it will help a lot!
In this final challenge, you and your fellow penguin friends must work together to defeat the mighty dragons.  You need to throw snowballs at them, when their mouthes are open, and make sure you're holding your golden shield!  When the pot of fire is above a dragon's head, throw snowballs at it and it will tip right onto the dragon!  Once the dragon loses health, they will start to repair themselves.  You must work together to have all 3 dragons defeated at ONE time - And then the bridge will form and you'll be able to complete quest #3!
You'll now be at the end of the quest... And you'll be able to pick up the final piece of golden armor!  Congratulations!


Medieval Party 2011 Cheats - Part 3 - Items

Hello ye olde penguinos!

Today, Club Penguin has released some new medieval stuff, such as a catalog and a free item which is yet again the same item, but at least it's a different colour!

In the Gift Shop, you can find a special Medieval Catalog - And for once, I think it's different than it was last year!
There are some shields, some tabards, and a green hooded cloak!  The coming soon items are a banjo of some sort, and a dragon costume - Hopefully in a new colour!

Now let's take a look at the free item.  Just like last year, and the year before that, and so on and so forth, the free item is in the Lighthouse, and it'd a Wizard's Hat. However, this year, the colour has changed from blue to purple! Finally, something, somewhat new!
Wow, this party seems pretty cool, except for the fact that it's a giant repeat.  What are your thoughts?