Furniture Catalog March 2011 Cheats!

Today, Club Penguin has released a new furniture catalog!  Here is the front cover:
Hmm.. Is that a cupcake?  Let's take a look inside and find out!
Not quite a cupcake, but there are LOTS of sweets and candy on this page!  There's also a hidden item.  Click on the middle of the giant donut chair and you'll get a... marshmallow?  Does this even go in your igloo?

Wait!  There's another cheat on this page!
If you click on the middle of the Neapolitan Lamp, you'll get the Candy Stash!

Is that another cheat I see?  Yup!
Click on the cherry on top of the Mint Chip Chair for the HD TV!  A TV, on a page with candy?  That makes a ton of sense! ;-]
For the final two cheats, flip to the next page.  Click on the word "Clover" for the... Clover, and click on the rainbow for the Clover Balloon!

This is a pretty awesome catalog, if you ask me.  I especially like the donut chair!  What is your favourite part?



Syka said...

You missed 2, the portal box is on the hole in the well, and the gnome guy is on the coin icon nex to the well.

Perapin said...

There is a new update on Bean Counters, it would be great to post! :-)

Anonymous said...

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slippeestars said...

your missing the nome