Field-Ops #37 Cheats

Hello agents!  Today, the new weekly Field-Operation has been released to Club Penguin.  To begin, click on your Elite Spy Phone and then go into the Command Room! Then, click the Field-Ops screen.
Then, this message showing your assignment will come up:

Once again, Club Penguin is in 'danger'.  Remember the old danger, where Herbert was actually trying to burn us down? Now THAT was real danger! Anyways, now, to complete this week's mission, go over to the Mine Shack.
Now, when you stand beside this mysterious statue of Herbert that has been there strangely for almost a year and no one has seemed to care, your spy phone will start ringing.  Click on it to answer it and you'll be faced with ANOTHER new mini game!
Now click on "Engage" and your game will begin!  To play this game, you need to look to see the number in the bottom left corner. Then, when the blue light is coming around the scanner and is on that number, press the spacebar. You'll need to get it almost exactly on, and then you need to do this a few more times, but each round will get harder.
When you've completed this week's assignment, you'll get one medal which you can spend on the Elite Gear.

If you ask me, this game is not worth it. I think it's too hard and boring, and frustrating.  Also, too many of Club Penguin's players who are younger, would not be able to complete it because it says numbers that it does not label, so you have to do fast mental math!  I think this Fail-Op, I mean, Field-Op, is pretty lame... What do you think?


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bluehero said...

Yea You Beat Chrisdog93 On Posting This Fail Op! Oops I Meant Field Op! LOL.