More Proof that Aunt Arctic is the Director

Hello penguins!

Today my friend Frosty Biite found something very interesting. Club Penguin's new chat system gives you word suggestions when you type in sentences... Take a look at this:
Penguins have always suspected Aunt Arctic of being the Director and this is just even more proof! What do you think?


Club Penguin Membership Page November 2011

Hello Penguins!
November is around the corner, and that means new items, new party, better igloos, and a lot more updates are coming soon! Today I saw that Club Penguin has updated there membership page to what's coming up this November  Also, we just have a little information about December...

  • Enter the mysterious Ninja Headquarters. Earn your reward. 
  • Discover the ancient dragon at the Stage. 
  • Uncover your inner sushi master with this month’s Penguins at Work.
  •  Coming in December: Coins For Change donation stations for your igloo!
I think this month is going to b epic! I can't wait for the penguin style catalog, because we might be able to sever Sushi! I wonder when the next party is coming? Will there be a snow party? Let me know what you think in the comments!
-King Boo8884, Club Penguin Agents Author

New Buddy List System

Hello penguins!

I must say that Club Penguin's new buddy list system sure is a fantastic update!

Adding any player:
To add any player you'd like on the island, just type in their name!
They will receive a friend request from you and if they'd like to add you, they will accept your invitation.

"Best friending" buddies:
Best friends have a golden star rather than a blue star!
If you'd like to make one of your friends a "best friend" so they appear at the top of your buddy list, just click on the blue star and the star will become gold.

Your new buddy list is ALMOST UNLIMITED! You can EVEN ADD MASCOTS if you find them on Club Penguin, however typing in their name does NOT WORK! I love these updates, do you?


Field Ops #53

Hey Penguins!

Agents should head to the EPF Command Room to recieve this weeks orders from G.

Here are this weeks orders -

G has hidden a device inside a Pumpkin that looks like it is wearing shades. Agents have to find the device.

This weeks Field Ops location is at the Nightclub, stand by the Pumpkin on the speaker -

Your Spy Phone will start flashing, click on the Spy Phone and you will be able to play this weeks mini-game -

For this mini-game, you have to match the symbols and destroy the circuits - 

Click on the two red buttons, with matching shapes. (Example - Click on the two red buttons that have circles on them), When you do this, keep doing it for the other shapes until all circuits are destroyed.

When you complete thsi mini-game, you will earn a medal.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

6th Anniversary Party Cheats

Hello penguins!

Tomorrow Club Penguin officially turns 6 years old! Their annual Anniversary Party is ON NOW! It is only in the Coffee Shop and Book Room, just like usual.
6th Year Party Hat Cheat:
As usual, there is a party hat that is exclusive to this party! To get it, click on the pumpkin I have circled in the image below.
The balloons will pop, and the party hat will come out!
Congratulations, you now have the sixth year party hat!

Also, the new yearbook is out! In order to read this yearbook, go to the Book Room.
Do you like this year's anniversary party in Club Penguin? Let us know by commenting!


Gary/Aunt Arctic Tracker 2011

Gary will ONLY BE on Spanish, French, and Portuguese servers until the Anniversary Party!

Hello penguins!

Gary has returned for the first time in a whole year, for the Halloween Party 2011! We will be tracking Gary with TrackingPenguinsCP chat group, and my PHP tracker! (With the help of Poonchee!)
Gary is a very fun penguin to track, so make sure you help out!

Have fun tracking Gary, and remember to not lie and follow the regular chat rules!

Halloween 2011: Ghost Hunt

Yippee! Club Penguin has realized that after several years of the same old scavenger hunt idea, it's time for a change. Introducing the all new Candy Ghost Hunt!

Trust me, this is one of the best parts of the Halloween Party. You'll want to complete this! To start, click on the book icon.
Your first hint is as follows.
Search near sand and surf.
Hmm... Leads us to only one place: The Cove!
 Click on the pile of slime and candy and the first friendly monster will appear!

One ghost has been caught, but we'll need to do better than that! The next clue reads:
Head to a spooky house.
A spooky house... Must be the Haunted House room! To get to the Haunted House, take the path at the Forest.
 Outside of the house, you'll see a pile of slime and candy. Click on it for the second ghost!

Two down, six to go! Here is your next clue:
Make your way to a wooden shack.
 Obviously this next hint is telling us to go over to the Mine Shack!
Right under the Community Tree, you'll see the third pile which means the third ghost!

The next clue is;
Find a popular spot for tour guides.
Hmm... This one's a bit tougher than the past 3. Maybe the Ski Village?
 There's the fourth ghost! We're half way done now, here's your next hint:
Seek out a snowy slope.
Probably the Ski Hill!
 The fifth monster has been found! Your sixth clue reads:
Wander into the woods.
I'm assuming that the sixth ghost can be found at the Forest!
 We're almost done! Only two more ghosts to go, and then we'll get to see what our prize is!
The next clue says:
Look toward a tower of light.
The Lighthouse or Beach, for sure! Let's go check...
 The seventh ghost can be found at the Beach! Now let's take a look at your last clue:
Be on the lookout for a boat.
The eighth and final ghost can be located at the Dock!
 All eight ghosts found... That means we'll get a prize! After clicking on the final ghost, click on "Claim Prize"...
...And the prize IS... a background?
To be totally honest, I was expecting something more than a background. Oh well! It sure was fun completing the all new scavenger hunt. Tell ME, which do you prefer: The old Candy Hunt, or the Ghost Hunt?


Halloween 2011: Dark Chamber

Part of this year's Halloween Party, is the returning Dark Chamber! In fact, the Dark Chamber is so identical to last year, why re-write the identical post?

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010/2011 DARK CHAMBER CHEATS:

Members, head over to the Forest to go into the Dark Chamber!
For the first part, different coloured water will squirt out of the holes in a certain pattern!  Then, you have to click on the piano keys in the SAME order as it showed you!  Do this several times, and you'll win!  Then the door will open and you can move on! 

Ok, now go through the door! 
Wow, it's dark in there! Pick up one of those FREE lanterns and then you'll be able to make some LIGHT!

Now hold the lantern in your HAND and move your way through the maze!  Then, if you do it right, you'll see a door!  If you'd like to cheat your way through, put on your night vision goggles from the PSA!
Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Dark Chamber! You will be taken to a room where you can get the free Swamp Monster costume - a NEW costume for 2011!
Congratulations, you've now collected the Swamp Monster! I really like this costume, do you?

I'm a bit disappointed to see that I could literally copy my post from last year because it's the exact same, but that's okay. What are your thoughts?


Halloween 2011: Free/Hidden Items

Hello penguins!

As I promised, I would still be blogging about Club Penguin parties! In this year's Halloween Party, there are many different sections: this one is on free items!

Sadly, there is only one free item, aside from the scavenger hunt's prize. It's for members only I think, it is the Ghost Costume. Aww, a repeat item, in a repeat room! The free Ghost Costume is located in the Haunted House. Access the house from the Forest!
Enjoy this year's Club Penguin Halloween Party! It looks like a few things have been changed up. What's your favourite part?


Club Penguin Halloween Igloo Contest

Hello Penguins!
The Halloween Party has arrived and it's for the Halloween Igloo Contest! This contest is very easy to do, all you have to do is follow the steps below!
1. Decorate your spooky or silly igloo.
2. After you are done click the gold igloo and this will pop up:
3. Click "Yes" to be submitted in the contest.
4. DO NOT change your igloo until the contest is over!
It is very short and simple steps getting into the contest! I hope I win, because mines going to be silly and spooky at the same time. How about your igloo? Have you made yours spooky or silly yet for the Igloo Contest? Leave a comment if you did!
-King Boo8884

New Pin - Crystal Ball Pin

Hey Penguins!

Today, a new pin was released. Here is how to find the Crystal Ball Pin -

1. Click on your map and go to the Forest
2. Hover your mouse over the big Pumpkin and you should see some ladders
3. Go down the ladders and you should now be at the Hidden Lake
4. Walk over to the Crystal Ball Pin and you should now be able to get it

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Field Ops #52

Hey Penguins!

Agents should report to the EPF Command Room to recieve some new orders from G.

Here are this weeks orders -

This week, G wants us to check EPF Computers to make sure they are secure.

This weeks Field Op location, is at the EPF Command Room. Stand next to the Computer that has green lines on the screen -

When you stand here, your Spy Phone will flash. Click on it and you will be able to play this weeks mini-game -

For this weeks Mini-Game, agents have to repair the system -

Click on the arrows to set the direction for the bot to move. When you have enter the first set of commands, click on the ply arrow. Keep doing this until you have turned all three targets green.

When you complete the mini-game, you will earn a medal!

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2011 Commercial

Just recently, the Club Penguin YouTube Channel has released a new video about the Halloween Party! This includes a few sneak peeks of rooms in this years 6th Annual Halloween Party! This video is a Commercial seen on TV seen in channels Nickelodeon or Disney several times a day. The promo basically shows an advertisement to go on Club Penguin to see the new Halloween Party on October 20,2011  It will also show us a sneak peek of the new Halloween designed homepage...

Here are some sneak peeks on places throughout the island during the Halloween Party 2011.
I think Town is very neat and colorful this year at the Halloween Party! It's way more detailed and Halloween themed from other years.
I honestly think that the snow forts looks better than any other year I've see n the snow forts at the Halloween parties. Now you can trick-or-treat in 3 different houses at 1 place!
Halloween Themed Homepage:
The homepage looks neat! Nice details and a cool scary Halloween wolf I can see in the way back of it.

I think the new Commercial is cool, because it shows you the spookiness of the Halloween Party. The reason I like town the best so far, is the nice spooky Halloween design feel if it. Nor did any other Halloween party I've seen have the rich Halloween feel to it. What's your favorite part of the Commercial promo? Leave a nice comment below of your thought!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

Reviewed By You: Puffle Hats

Hello Penguins!
This week, there is finally an all new Reviewed By You! Last time, Club Penguin wanted to know some Puffle Launch Tricks! Well, this week the Halloween Reviewed by You, we want to celebrate Halloween and Puffle Hats... We want you to describe the freakiest, strangest, zaniest Halloween-themed puffle hat you could possibly imagine!

Hello Penguins!In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked you for your best Puffle Launch tips and tricks. We asked a game designer to pick his favorite trick from the comments. Here are a couple different tips you suggested: Shadow1o12 said:My advice would be if you see the cannon pointing up and nothing is there go up it. I did it once. I got lots of coins doing that and thats my advice for you. Isn't it awesome! So i do it all the time now. Waddle over to the pet shop and do it. Waddle on CP.Chihang321 said: Remember, During a boss level, you usually have to defeat a flying machine. Instead of hitting it from the bottom or the sides, you hit it from the top so gravity pulls your puffle down and allows you to do two or even three or even four hits in a row!Thanks for sharing all the great Puffle Launch tricks! For this Reviewed by You, we want to celebrate Halloween and Puffle Hats... We want you to describe the freakiest, strangest, zaniest Halloween-themed puffle hat you could possibly imagine!
Describe your creation in a comment below. Then next week, we'll randomly pick one of your inventions and a Club Penguin artist will draw it here on the blog.
Try to keep your comment as short as possible (50-75 words is best.) Can't wait to read all your comments! 

Hmm, I love those tricks for Puffle Launch! I think I will try them out soon as well...  Also, I hope you are creative and have a really good idea for a crazy Halloween themed puffle hat, so you can comment with your craziest idea and maybe win! I might have one up my sleeve too... Do you have a Halloween puffle hat idea? If you do share it in the comment below.
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

Better Igloos Catalog - October 2011 Cheats

Hey Penguins!

A new Better Igloos catalog is here. The catalog is full of cool Halloween items! Lets take a look at this months new cheats -

To get the 'Terrifying Tissue Ghost', click on the red lolly on the 'Trick Or Treats'.

To get the 'Control Terminal', click on the number '230'.

To get the Iron Chandeller, click on the word 'Bats'.

To get the Cauldron, click on the stem of the 'Wall Pumpkin'.

To get the 'Plasma Ball', click on the mouth of the 'Wall Ghost.

To get the Laboratory Desk, click on the word 'Spooky'.

To get the 'Perched Puffle Statue', click on the face of 'The Laughing Lantern'.

To get the 'Candelabra', click on the eyes on 'The Glowing Grin'.

To get the 'Crystal Ball', click on the third stone on the 'Stone Wall'.

To get the 'Torn Carpet', click on the face of the 'Antique Clock'.

To get the 'Tombstone', click on the first Pumpkin on the 'Jack-O-Lights'.

To get the 'Spider Web', click on the door of the 'Haunted Mansion Cut Out'.

To get the 'Pile O' Goo', click on the window of the 'Haunted Mansion Cut Out'.

Let us know what you think of this months catalog!

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author