Puffle Games Reviewed By You

Remember last week, when Club Penguin wanted to hear what we liked best about the new Pet Shop?  Well, the results are in, and here is the entry they received from Todo265:

I love the new pet shop because it shows more puffle spirit! Everything in there is puffle oriented from the clock to the beds and houses and play pens. Its also a lot more colorful which i love fun and funky and more interesting too! Waddle on cp! (PS the pizza parlor should be renovated next!)

Next week, a new game called Puffle Launch will.. launch!  Here's a small sneak peek:
Wow - This game looks like it's going to be very cool!  So, this week Club Penguin wants to know what games do we like to play with our puffles, and why?  Leave a comment on the Community Blog to let them know what your review is, and, if you win, your review will be featured in next week's Reviewed By You post, and you'll also get 10,000 coins!  Good luck!


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