MAJOR Loading Glitch!

This is probably the strangest thing to ever happen in Club Penguin's history.

It started with a giant attack, maybe from hackers, or, just a big glitch.  Anyone who logged onto server Hibernate lost all of their stamps, buddies, clothes, furniture, coins, and basically everything. They would also randomly become 15000 days old.  A few minutes later, Club Penguin would no longer load and anyone who tries to get in gets this screen:
Now, this isn't that strange.  In fact, it happens quite often!  The strange and a bit worrying part is, NONE of Club Penguin's files work either!!  It's basically like someone removed ALL of Club Penguin's files, INCLUDING the actual game SWF, and no one can play the game!

Was this an attack by someone else who is mad at Club Penguin?  Or was it just a clumsy mistake on Club Penguin's part?  Let me know what you think.

Update: They are now linking the play button to the Club Penguin on Miniclip. This must mean that Club Penguin is having a big website problem.


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