Club Penguin Times Issue #285

June17 here! New Penguin Style is out with the new newspaper! This week's newspaper is pretty wacky and silly for April Fools. The topics for this weeks paper are: how confusing is mapping the Box Dimension and the last wave of St. Patrick's Day Igloo Contest winners.

Mapping the Box Dimension is really confusing and tricky to do from the start. Experts had said that it was fun, but really easy do get lost in the rooms. One expert wrote pretty good notes about the Stair Dimension and end up making no sense at all! All the silliness will be box in when the party is over, so make sure you visit the Box Dimension. Remember, April Fools Party end on April 4.
The final list of the St. Patrick's Day Igloo Contest is here and I would like to start by saying congrats to the winners! Now here are the last grand prize winners: Lachyabc123, Emor02, Hectxbox3601, Sillyfun9, Koala209, Crazycat709, Mrchilly27, Goldfoo, Legoindy5, Sonicspeed31. Here are the upcoming events:

Out Now: April Fools Penguin Style

April 1: Pay Day

April 8: New Better Igloos

April 15: Norman Swarm Transforms at the Stage
That is it!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

Penguin Style April 2011

*Update: Stay tuned later today for BIG Slidoo news!*

Hello penguins, today Club Penguin has put out a new clothing catalog.  The monthly clothing catalogs on Club Penguin are called Penguin Style catalogs.  The catalog can be found at the Gift Shop.  Let's take a look at this catalog's front cover:
In each monthly addition of the Penguin Style catalog, there are a few hidden items.  Let's look at the hidden items on the first page:
On this page, click on the spike in the background and the wheel for the White Cocoa Bunny Costume and the White Cocoa Bunny Ears.
On the next page, click on the moon for some hidden items.
On this page, click on the bottle and the barrel for the Cocoa Bunny Ears and the Cocoa Bunny Suit.  These are all the new hidden item cheats for this Penguin Style catalog.  I think the items are pretty good, what is your opinion?


Reviewed By You: April Fools Party

So last week Club Penguin asked us how we've helped our local community and here is what Sophiepearl3 said:
"A time a friend and I helped out the community was when we volunteered at the local animal shelter. It was really fun and it made me think of all the penguins at the puffle shop! There was all sorts of animals and all different colors like puffles! It felt great to help out the community! Waddle on CP!!!"

Good job Spohiepearl3! So now for this week's Reviewed By You, Club Penguin asked us, What's your favorite room at the party, and what do you like best about it? I would say I like the Planet Room because I love space. ;-)

That's all for now!
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New EPF Message From Rookie

Hey Penguins!

If you check your Spy Phones today, you will see that Rookie has sent a new message -

The message says - "Update - hey everyone! G and the Director have given me orders to work on learning to translate crab. Hope to see you at the party!"

It seems Rookie is helping out to try and hear what Klutzy is saying. I think Klutzy might be plannig something with Herbert.....

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents Author

Bits and Bolts NEW GAME Guide!

The NEW game, Bits and Bolts, is HERE!  It is located at the new and improved Dance Lounge.
Now let's take a look at how to play...
All you need to do is click the number of bolts that the target wants you to click!  Take a look:
This game is fairly straight forward, and there's not a lot of explaining to be done, but I like it, and I think it's pretty addictive!  What are your thoughts on this new game?


NEW Dance Lounge!

Today the new Dance Lounge has FINALLY been released!  Take a look at the new and improved lounge:
Wow, this room is SO much better!  It has improved so much, and you can see that there's a new arcade game - Bits and Bolts!  It also looks like another new arcade game will be released soon! Hmm...


Club Penguin Adds Rookie Stamp!

Hey Penguins!

If you check your stampbooks and look under the 'characters' section you will see that Club Penguin have added the 'be in the same room as Rookie' stamp.

It looks like Rookie will be making some appearances at the April Fools Party. I think he will appear in the Box Dimension and the other dimension rooms. Let us know if you will be trying to find Rookie.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Spy Phone Message From G

Hey Penguins!

Today, I recieved a new message on the Spy Phone. The message was from Gary -

The message says - "All communications have returned to normal. Great work everyone!"

G is telling us that the signal is back to normal. I'm so glad that agents can communicate again! Do you think Herbert will try and stop agents again?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Message From Herbert P Bear

Hey Penguins!

Today, I noticed that my Spy Phone was flashing. When I looked at my messages I noticed a message from Herbert - 

The message says - "Stop calling me polar bear, you ultimate pea-brain 10,000!"

It seems Herbert is angry with the Protobot. As you know, the signal was stopped and Herbert is not a happy polar bear. What do you think Herbert's next plan will be?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Slidoo's Spot the Differences Contest!

It's been a while since I've had a Club Penguin Spot the Differences contest!  I have taken the Strange Place room and changed 8 things about the room.  I want you to find all 8!  Here it is (click on it to make it bigger):
Some differences are easy, and some are much harder!  So, hop on to Club Penguin and go into the Strange Place room, or if you ARE A NON-MEMBER, click here to see the real room, and then search for all 8.  Once you think you've found them all, comment on this post with your penguin name and where all of the differences are.  I will post the first 15-25 winners here!

Winners so far:


New EPF Message from the Protobot

Attention agents!  The Protobot yet again has jammed our communication, and he has sent us all a new message to our spy phones.
If you cannot read it, it says "Impossible. You had only 0.1 chance of stopping my signal. The polar bear's calculations were incorrect. Retreating for now." Hmm... So, there is still some chance that we can stop him, but the chance is very small! Hopefully Gary and the rest of the EPF can fix this problem soon!


Website Down?

Update: The blog is now up and working for everyone around the world! Thanks for the support while we were unavailable.

Hello penguins!  I, along with a few others, cannot access my website and it says that it does not exist.  If you can see this website please leave a comment, thanks!


Reviewed By You: Helping Your Community

Hey Penguins!

Last week, Club Penguin asked us what arcade game we would invent if we could. Here's a great suggestion from A L I C E C -

My dream arcade game would be called Food Shot. You would take your orange puffle with you to this game. The puffle would sit in the middle of a circle, surrounded by different foods. The puffle would shoot foods (wherever you guided it) onto the edge of the circle, making matches of three or more, until the level is clear. There would be second chances if you didn't clear the level. 

I really like the idea, the game would be very fun to play!

On to this weeks Reviewed By You -

Ever since the recent disasters in places like New Zealand and Japan, a lot of you have asked how you can get involved to help. There are lots of different ways to help. This week Club Penguin want to hear about a time you and a friend worked together to help your community.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Club Penguin Times Issue #284

June17 here! The April Fools Party is here and along with that is this week`s new newspaper! This week`s topics are on exploring the Box Dimension and the winners of the St.Patrick`s Day Igloo Contest.

Thanks to Agent Rookie for opening the boxes in the Box Dimension, we can explore the new hidden places inside! One experts thanks the Agent because without him, there would be no new rooms. Each box has a symbol of what the room may be about. From Ice Cream Room to the Stairs Room, there are many rooms to visit! Agents have investigated and this rooms are out to the public. Make sure to visit the Box Dimension at the Snow Forts!
Well, the results are in for the first wave of winners who won the St.Patrick's Day Igloo Contest. 20 grand prize winners won 50,000 coins and 20 runner-ups got 25,000 coins! The grand prize winners are: Waterfall612, Nickduck, Truckdriver5, Bloosom 643, Webby88, Des Pancake, Titan00001, Squirtle9296, Bluelorax and Spartan Man9. Congratulation to the winners!!!! Here are the upcoming events:

April 1: More Igloo Winners, Pay Day and New Penguin Style

April 15: Norman Swarm's Been Transformed
That is it for the newspaper!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

April Fools Party 2011 Guide

Hello penguins!  Several days early, Club Penguin has released their April Fools Party 2011!  As usual, I will split my party guide into sections.

1. Scavenger Hunt Guide
2. Free Items

So, let's begin!

#1: Scavenger Hunt Guide:
There is a scavenger hunt around the island!  To begin the hunt, click on the box in the top corner by the "M" badge.
Now, you'll receive your first clue!
The first item that you'll need to collect is located at the Box Dimension. You can get there by going through the giant portal box at the Snow Forts!
Now you'll be in the Box Dimension, and you'll see your first box!
Now, you'll need to find the next item in the scavenger hunt.

Around the Box Dimension there are many different portals that take you to different dimensions.  For this one, you'll need to find the desert portal, and then get the item.
The next item is located in the pencil dimension!  Look for the portal box with the crayon on it, and then find the item.  To get it, you need to click on the blue pencil and then the item will appear.
Now, you'll have to find the next item.  It's in the space dimension!  You need to use your mouse to connect the stars in the sky to get the stapler.
Next, you'll need to go to the Silly Place, also called the King's Dimension.  There, you'll find the next piece of the hunt.
Next, you'll need to go in one of the wackiest rooms of all - The Stair Dimension!
Next you need to go into the Barrel Dimension.  You'll need to go in and out of random barrels until you get to the top, where you can lift the cage by standing on the button and get the next piece!
The next and final piece of the hunt is in the Candy Dimension! You'll need to click on the spoon, and then the item will appear.
...Now get your last item and then click 'Claim Prize'...
...Now you'll get the FREE Box Costume!
Now, put on this Box Costume, and go into the Box Dimension, and a secret room will open up!
And now, you'll be in the Strange Dimension!
This is such a cool room, and I think that Club Penguin did a fantastic job with this scavenger hunt!  What do you think?

#2: Free Items:
Besides the free Box Costume in the Scavenger Hunt, there is one more free item that you can get at this year's April Fools party.  It is located at the Dock!
What you need to do is throw enough snowballs at the canvas to paint a picture, and then the free Purple Propeller Hat will appear!

I think this is a pretty good party - I really like the scavenger hunt with all the different dimensions!  What do you think?


White And Yellow Puffle Pins!

Hey Penguins!

There are two more new Puffle pins hidden on the island. Here is how to find the White Puffle pin -

1. Click on your map and then go to the town
2. Waddle into the Coffee Shop and go upstairs
3. You are now in the Book Room. Walk over to the chair and you will now be able to get the White Puffle pin

Here is how to find the Yellow Puffle pin -

1. Click on your map and go to the Mine
2. Walk over to the tree and you will now be able to get the Yellow Puffle pin

Let us know what you think of the Puffle pins!

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Club Penguin - Thinking About Japan

As most of you know, last week a major tsunami struck Japan.  This was a horrible disaster and caused many deaths and serious injuries.  Japan needs all the support that they can get.

So, this week, Club Penguin is going to try to show their support.  Draw some pictures showing your support for Japan, and send them into Club Penguin, and they'll post a few around the Club Penguin website.

Take a look at a video I made, about a Help Japan party that I hosted a few days ago:

Also, Club Penguin will be making a few more blog posts this week, so make sure you keep an eye out for those!  I think it's a really good idea that Club Penguin is showing their support for something as horrible as this. What are your thoughts?


Club Penguin Community Blog: New Game, New Launch Date

Last week you might remember that the Club Penguin team is working on a new arcade game for the Lounge. Club Penguin asked you what your dream arcade game would be, and Fastflier 2 said:
"I think it should be a robot building game."
Guess what, Fastflier 2? That's what the team is working on right now! The new arcade game is called Bits & Bolts, and you'll be able to play it in the renovated Lounge. Here's a sneak peek of one of the robots:
The game was originally going to launch tomorrow, but it's not quite finished yet. The Club Penguin team will not have the game ready until next week. I'll keep you posted as I find out more. Thanks for your patience as the Club Penguin Team work out all the leftover 'bits'.
-1candy0, Club Penguin Agents Author

New Message From The Director!

Hey Penguins!

Today, my Spy Phone was flashing and I recieved a new message from the Director - 

The message says - "Agents, Protob-----PTTF!#$&NSHBT$&*(CPT@&$*#SBP@$&$#&DJKD@$&#GB/SB/PK/F$&*-----ERROR - SIGNAL LOST."

 So it seems that the EPF is starting to lose signal and it's all because of Herbert and his team. G also sent us a similar message yesterday. Lets hope the EPF can come up with a good plan to get the signal back.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

April Fools Party Preperations!

Hey Penguins!

If you visit some rooms around the island, you will notice some boxes..... Filled with boxes! These boxes are going to be decorations for the April Fools Party - 

Some of the boxes also have arrows in them. At the party I think these arrows will spin around when you hover over them. Also if you visit the Box Dimension, there is some sort of construction happening - 

I think this will be the doorway that has been opened. Finally if you visit the Iceburg, there are cones and a construction sign - 

How do you think the Iceburg will be decorated? Let us know if you're looking forward to the April Fools Party which starts on March 25th.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Field-Ops #37 Cheats

Hello agents!  Today, the new weekly Field-Operation has been released to Club Penguin.  To begin, click on your Elite Spy Phone and then go into the Command Room! Then, click the Field-Ops screen.
Then, this message showing your assignment will come up:

Once again, Club Penguin is in 'danger'.  Remember the old danger, where Herbert was actually trying to burn us down? Now THAT was real danger! Anyways, now, to complete this week's mission, go over to the Mine Shack.
Now, when you stand beside this mysterious statue of Herbert that has been there strangely for almost a year and no one has seemed to care, your spy phone will start ringing.  Click on it to answer it and you'll be faced with ANOTHER new mini game!
Now click on "Engage" and your game will begin!  To play this game, you need to look to see the number in the bottom left corner. Then, when the blue light is coming around the scanner and is on that number, press the spacebar. You'll need to get it almost exactly on, and then you need to do this a few more times, but each round will get harder.
When you've completed this week's assignment, you'll get one medal which you can spend on the Elite Gear.

If you ask me, this game is not worth it. I think it's too hard and boring, and frustrating.  Also, too many of Club Penguin's players who are younger, would not be able to complete it because it says numbers that it does not label, so you have to do fast mental math!  I think this Fail-Op, I mean, Field-Op, is pretty lame... What do you think?