Club Penguin Times Issue #281

June17 here! Today, a new issue of the Club Penguin Times has arrived with all the latest news! This week's topics are on the new Puffle toys and food coming soon and a new Puffle game which is also coming soon!

Puffles are in for a BIG surprise this coming week! Starting March 8, the Pet Shop construction will be done with the addition of new Puffle food and toys. PH, a Puffle expert(and also works for EPF) is really excited for the release of the new items for Puffles. Make sure to go to the Pet Shop on March 8 to get your puffle some food and toys!
On March 8, construction will begin for new game that will be located in the Pet Shop. The new upcoming game is called, Puffle Launch! You can see an exclusive of the game here: It is said that a huge cannon will be built inside the Pet Shop. The plans of the games will be revealed, as said on the newspaper. Make sure to stay tuned for the game Puffle Launch!
Here are the upcoming events:Out Now: New Penguin Style

March 8: New Items for Puffles

March 11: New Better Igloos and St. Patrick Day Igloo Contest

Well, thats it!

June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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