Sled Racing Name Glitch!

Club Penguin! You have WAY too many glitches lately!  Today I have discovered yet another Club Penguin glitch!  I was playing Sled Racing with my buddy, Oreo Summit, and I noticed something strange. In the game, his name only said "Oreo Summ"!  Take a look at what I mean:
This is not showing his full name, and even though it is not a huge problem it should still be fixed, and Club Penguin could likely fix this quickly AND easily!  Do you think Club Penguin will just be too lazy to fix this? Do you think that if I try to email them about it, they'll ask me to clear my cache? LOL! ;-]

Let me know if this glitch has ever happened to you, or if it's happened to anyone who you've ever Sled Raced before.  I think this is a new glitch, because I have played this game with Oreo Summit before, and his full name showed.



Perapin said...

This glitch has been here for ages and it happens to anyone who's name is too big. Fortunately, my name always fits! Hopefully, this glitch can be fixed soon.

CPPUnderConstruct said...

Yep... Blagh... haha

bluehero said...

This Has Been There Long. My Name Does This Glitch Too But Only Little Cause Its Fisheater145.
This Glitch Might Be There Forever Cause Club Penguin Still Didn't Fix It.