NEW "Love Your Pet" Catalogue!

Along with all the awesome puffle updates, Club Penguin has released a new "Love Your Pet" catalogue!  Here's the cover:
Now let's take a look inside!
On the first page, we have toys for all puffles to play with!  These ones go in your igloo!
Next, we have some SUPER TOYS!  These are toys SPECIALLY made for a certain puffle!  If you buy these, and you have that certain colour of puffle, the toy will appear in the play section of the new Puffle Playercards!
On this page, there are MORE super toys for puffles who are ready to have some FUN!
On this page, we have all of the puffle houses!  If you click on either the red, white, or black puffles on the page, you'll get three MORE houses!
On this page, there are the puffle beds and some food for you to put down in your igloo!  On this page, if you click on the orange puffle, you'll get two more puffle beds!
On this final page, there's NEW food that you can buy for your puffles!  When you buy these special foods, they will appear in the food category of the NEW puffle playercard screens!

These updates are amazing, and I'm really impressed!  What do you think?  Leave a comment to let me know!



grand futurewolf said...

why did u quit animaljam!

Anonymous said...

now when you also run out of puffle furniture you dont have to buy it cause in your inventory you can still take it out but it will say -1 -2 -3 etc
this might be a glitch i dont know but i hope this helps you out