Puffle QUIZ!

Want to find out which puffle is right for you?  Then step right up and take the all new puffle quiz!  You can find it at the new and improved Pet Shop.  Once you're there, just go where I am:
Once you're there, click on it and the quiz will begin!
You will be asked a few questions, such as this one!
After you answer the questions, it'll tell you which puffle is right for you!  In the end, Club Penguin thinks that I'd be perfect for a GREEN puffle!
If you click on "Find out more" a page about the puffle will come up:
This is such a cool idea, in fact, I think I might just go and buy a green puffle right now!

Do you enjoy this update?  Let me know what puffle is just right for YOU by leaving a comment!


1 comment:

bsneed said...

cool and when i buy something it messes up or doesn't load!