Club Penguin Penguin Colour Glitch!

Today, when I wanted to log in to Club Penguin, I noticed that all of the penguins on the penguin selection page were dark black.  Not the usual colour that you can buy in the Gift Shop, but even darker!
See what I mean?  When I logged on, the glitch followed me, and everyone on the island was this colour!
If you think that this is just the normal black colour, take a look at the difference between the glitch, and the real black:
This is a very strange glitch, and I know that it has happened to several penguins in the last week or two.  If you ask me, Club Penguin has way too many glitches lately!  They are NOT broke, and they can easily be fixed, but Club Penguin doesn't seem to care!  Also, Club Penguin's support staff is not helpful at ALL! If you phone them, they usually tell you that they can't help you and talk to you like you are a fool, and if you email them, their answer to EVERYTHING is "Clear your cache"!

My author, 1candy0, emailed them saying that she loved the new puffle updates, and their response was, "clear your cache!"  That makes NO sense - Do they even READ the emails before answering them?

I really hope Club Penguin starts to realize that these glitches are really changing people's thoughts about Club Penguin - In fact, several people quit Club Penguin each day because of these glitches, and the rude/not helpful Club Penguin staff!  Please fix these glitches, and teach your staff how to treat penguins properly and actually make sense, Club Penguin!  We know you can do it... I hope. ;-]



Zoeyuluv said...

I think CP is just in it for the money now. They don't care about anything else. But if they want the money wouldn't they at least take the time to fix these glitches? Rude, very rude

Zoeyuluv said...

I actually think the darker black is very nice

June17 said...

You should show this post to the CP Support or if possible, to Billybob. I bet if you email this, they would say "Clear your cache".