Club Penguin Times Issue #284

June17 here! The April Fools Party is here and along with that is this week`s new newspaper! This week`s topics are on exploring the Box Dimension and the winners of the St.Patrick`s Day Igloo Contest.

Thanks to Agent Rookie for opening the boxes in the Box Dimension, we can explore the new hidden places inside! One experts thanks the Agent because without him, there would be no new rooms. Each box has a symbol of what the room may be about. From Ice Cream Room to the Stairs Room, there are many rooms to visit! Agents have investigated and this rooms are out to the public. Make sure to visit the Box Dimension at the Snow Forts!
Well, the results are in for the first wave of winners who won the St.Patrick's Day Igloo Contest. 20 grand prize winners won 50,000 coins and 20 runner-ups got 25,000 coins! The grand prize winners are: Waterfall612, Nickduck, Truckdriver5, Bloosom 643, Webby88, Des Pancake, Titan00001, Squirtle9296, Bluelorax and Spartan Man9. Congratulation to the winners!!!! Here are the upcoming events:

April 1: More Igloo Winners, Pay Day and New Penguin Style

April 15: Norman Swarm's Been Transformed
That is it for the newspaper!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

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