April Fools Party 2011 Guide

Hello penguins!  Several days early, Club Penguin has released their April Fools Party 2011!  As usual, I will split my party guide into sections.

1. Scavenger Hunt Guide
2. Free Items

So, let's begin!

#1: Scavenger Hunt Guide:
There is a scavenger hunt around the island!  To begin the hunt, click on the box in the top corner by the "M" badge.
Now, you'll receive your first clue!
The first item that you'll need to collect is located at the Box Dimension. You can get there by going through the giant portal box at the Snow Forts!
Now you'll be in the Box Dimension, and you'll see your first box!
Now, you'll need to find the next item in the scavenger hunt.

Around the Box Dimension there are many different portals that take you to different dimensions.  For this one, you'll need to find the desert portal, and then get the item.
The next item is located in the pencil dimension!  Look for the portal box with the crayon on it, and then find the item.  To get it, you need to click on the blue pencil and then the item will appear.
Now, you'll have to find the next item.  It's in the space dimension!  You need to use your mouse to connect the stars in the sky to get the stapler.
Next, you'll need to go to the Silly Place, also called the King's Dimension.  There, you'll find the next piece of the hunt.
Next, you'll need to go in one of the wackiest rooms of all - The Stair Dimension!
Next you need to go into the Barrel Dimension.  You'll need to go in and out of random barrels until you get to the top, where you can lift the cage by standing on the button and get the next piece!
The next and final piece of the hunt is in the Candy Dimension! You'll need to click on the spoon, and then the item will appear.
...Now get your last item and then click 'Claim Prize'...
...Now you'll get the FREE Box Costume!
Now, put on this Box Costume, and go into the Box Dimension, and a secret room will open up!
And now, you'll be in the Strange Dimension!
This is such a cool room, and I think that Club Penguin did a fantastic job with this scavenger hunt!  What do you think?

#2: Free Items:
Besides the free Box Costume in the Scavenger Hunt, there is one more free item that you can get at this year's April Fools party.  It is located at the Dock!
What you need to do is throw enough snowballs at the canvas to paint a picture, and then the free Purple Propeller Hat will appear!

I think this is a pretty good party - I really like the scavenger hunt with all the different dimensions!  What do you think?


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