Club Penguin Blog: Rockhopper in New York City!

Hello Penguins!
Today, I heard some special news on the Club Penguin Community Blog. Rockhopper is going to New York Time Square this Friday! This happens to be on my birthday and he will be live in Times Square for thousands of Club Penguin fans. Thousands of Warm Coats from all you artist penguins pictures were submitted and that meant Rockhopper gets to come live once again. Below, will be all the details Billybob has posted about his appearance.

"Earlier this month we announced a virtual coat drive to help support families in need across America. We asked you to send in drawings of penguins wearing coats. 

We received thousands and thousands of pictures from all around the world! We're so inspired by all the time and effort you put into your drawings. You are amazing! 

 I'm happy to announce that Rockhopper will be appearing in New York City this Friday!! I'll also be there, and can't wait to meet some of you. Here's what you need to know:"

"When: Friday December 2 8:00am EST 
Where: Good Morning America Studios - Times Square, New York 
What to bring: a real coat to donate to the Warm Coats Warm Hearts campaign 
 In other news... The first 300 people to donate a real coat at the event will get a Club Penguin plush toy prize!"
Wow, I can't believe Rockhopper is going to be in New York for the 2nd time.I wish I could come, be cause it's my birthday this coming Friday. I wonder how many people are coming? Also, bringing coats for the poor was a very good idea. Don't you think? Don't forget to comment below!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

Club Penguin Video: Warm Coats Art Slideshow

 Hello Penguins!
Today, I was checking out some of my emails about YouTube. I have came across 1 an email from Club Penguin Channel about they have uploaded a new video on their channel. This new video is about all the penguins that have drawn a penguin in coat. What they have done is put all them in a slideshow to show us all the different creative penguin looks.

I thought this video was very neat and creative. I didn't know so many kids that play Club Penguin were so artistic. My favorite one was the picture with Rockhopper and 2 other penguins getting their coats. Remember you have by tomorrow (November 29,2011) to submit your penguin in a coat! Have you submitted one yet? Don't forget to comment!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

Club Penguin Blog: Card-Jitsu Party is Here Now!

Hello Penguins!
Today Billybob on the Club Penguin Community Blog released a brand new post! This post is about how the Card-Jitsu Party released on the island yesterday. Billybob will talk about how this ninja celebrated party has released and he will have if we have found the surprise for Fire and Water ninjas.

"We've officially launched the first ever Card-Jitsu Party! We're excited to see so many ninjas celebrating..."

"Have you discovered the big surprise for Fire and Water Ninjas yet? For the first time ever, ninjas can change the weather!! You just need 3 or more ninjas to dance outside. The more ninjas dancing, the more awesome it gets. Check out the action at the Snow Forts:"

"We can't wait to hear what you think of the party! Let us know about your favorite part in the comments!"
That was a great post about the Card-Jitsu Party from Billybob! I love the party so far. Also, the surprise is pretty cool, were the spy will turn blue and rain if there is 3 or more water ninjas. Or, when the sky is orange and rains fire if there is 3 or more fire ninjas. I think they feature brings the party alive. Don't you think? Don't forget to comment!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

Club Penguin Card Jitsu Party Cheats Guide

Hello Penguins!
I hope you have picked your side. Because, the 1st annual Card-Jitsu Party has released! Lots of surprise came at this party. All new decorated rooms, tons of free items, mini games, and more! It's very simple to get all the free items this year at the party, as long as you follow the steps below.

First, when you login for the party you should get this invite to all penguins for the Card-Jitsu Party this year.

Fire Ninjas can battle at the, Snow Forts, Town, Dock, or beach.
Water Ninjas can battle at the, Snow Forts, Plaza, Pizza Parlor, Forest, or Cove.
If you saw I said "Snow Forts" twice, it’s because the forest in half water and half fire.
Non-Members Free Items:
There are 2 new non-member free items. The first one is at town for Fire Ninjas and if you picked the fire side for the Card-Jitsu Party, this is a perfect item for you.

The last free non-member item is at the Plaza. This item is for all those Water Ninjas and if you are on the water side, this would be the item to get.

Those are some awesome items for this year’s non-members to play they all out Fire and Water ninja battles.
Members Free Items:
There are 2 new member free items located at the same place. Below, will be a guide to obtain these items on to your player card.
1. Go to the Forest on map and waddle into the Water Ninja underground room or go to the dock and waddle into the Fire Ninja underground room. (These are both the same rooms, just different ways to go there.)

2. Now, that you have entered the room, what you have to do to is simply hit the target of either water or fire.
3. Who ever wins (water or fire), they will get a free item. Below, if fire ninjas win then you have to waddle over to the item, after the gate over it opens and you can get this:

Now if the water ninjas win, all you have to do is waddle over to the item, after the gate over it is open, and you can get this:
Now remember, after one side when the gate will open on whom ever side wins to get the free item, but the gate will close in 5-8 seconds. A tip would be to stand close to the free item and when your team wins you can get really fast.
Mini Game:
This is one of the mini games at the party that is for members or non-members. At the Stadium is the Battle of Water VS Fire. There are many steps into play to mini game. Below, you must carefully follow the guide to win this game.
1. You must pick your side. Fire or Water?

2. You must choose your amulet. Fire, Water, or Snow?

3. Once you are standing on the side you want and standing on the part of the Amulet you want, all you do is watch for the card your side will pick and see what the other side card will be. After, they will throw the Fire & Water, Snow & Water, Water & Fire, Water & Snow, Fire & Snow, or Snow & Fire.
Wow, this year’s party is a very cool and creative party for all penguins! We just showed some rooms, but there is whole ton then just the rooms above. Choose carefully on your side, it's really hard to decide, but in the end it's a wise choose. Have you check out this party yet? Don't forget to comment!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

Club Penguin Newspaper Glitch

Hello Penguins!
The big Card-Jitsu Party has released on the island. Well glitch/bugs usually can come in place. That is exactly what is happening here. First, was the free item glitch and now it's the newspaper glitch! When I was going to read the Club Penguin Times, I clicked it and this is what happen:
As you see, the newspaper didn't go onto the screen, it just put a newspaper onto my penguin like it should do. But, like I said it missed a step and didn't pull it up on the screen. It makes me made that I can't read the newspaper now because of 1 glitch. What's your thought on this? Don't forget to comment!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

New Play At The Stage! - Battle Of The Ancient Shadows

Hey Penguins!

Today, A new play has come to the Stage. The Battle Of The Ancient Shadows is now at the Stage. This play matches the Card Jitsu Theme. Let's take a look at the Costume Trunk cheats - 

To get the 'Snow Monkey' Costume, click on the cloud which is circled in the picture.

To get the 'Grumpunzel' Costume, click on the area which is circled in the picture

To get the 'Prince RedHood' Costume, click on the area circled in the picture.

To get the 'Lobster' Costume, click on the 'Underwater Adventure' logo.

To get the 'Wise Fish' Costume, click on the Bubbles which are circled in the picture.

To get the 'Mummy Costume', click on the symbols which are circled in the picture.

I think this play is really cool! Let us know what you think of the new play.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Club Penguin Blog: Happy77's Tips + Tricks!

Hello Penguin!
Today, Happy77 has made a brand new post on the blog about all the new stuff coming up on the island and the community. What she did, is pulled question from different posts and answered them giving penguins tips or tricks. Mainly, Happy77 answered something about a Card-Jitsu Party sneak peek video and a little guide on how to enter and save your penguin in a coat on Windows or Mac's.

"Happy77 here. A few of you asked some great questions this weekend, so I thought I'd post a few tips and tricks for you today!

We've been nominated for a BAFTA Award!! Wonderchef12 asked, "Where do I vote?" 
If you're in the UK, you can vote for Club Penguin here:
Thanks to everyone who's voted and asked their friends to vote! We really appreciate your support! :)

Brookelas asked, "Will you make a Card-Jitsu Party video sneak peek?" 
Yep! I'll post one for you tomorrow. 
In the meantime, here's another sneak peek for you:"
Card-Jitsu Party Sneak Peek 2
"Next up, Billybob just announced the big Art Challenge. We want to see more of your drawings!! 

Lauren120 said, "I really want to enter the art challenge, but I don't know how! Please comment back!" 
Just go to to send us your digital picture! Try to save your image as a .jpg if you can. I usually use Paint to save as a .jpg on Windows:"
Save as jpg on Windows Paint
 "Or if you're on a Mac like me, you can use Preview to save as a .jpg:"

"Hope these tips and tricks were helpful. If you'd like to see other tips in the future, let me know in the comments! "
Those were a lot of tips and tricks from Happy77 today, but, they sure paid off for those penguins that got their featured question on the blog. I can't wait for the sneak peek of the Card-Jitsu Party video today! I'm already starting to work on my warm coat penguin, but I'm very excited for the Card-Jitsu Party this Thursday. How about you? Don't forget to comment!

New Club Penguin YouTube Background

Hello Penguins!
While I was watching some of Club Penguins YouTube videos, I wanted to see if The Club Penguin Team had updated their YouTube background. When I looked, I saw they have made a brand new one in favor of the Card-Jitsu Party coming this Thursday!
This is a pretty cool new background Club Penguin made. At the top is the "Create a Penguin" and "Login" are a little different, because they made the background on it darker and added Sensei for the party. Speaking of Sensei, are you ready to find Sensei? Ready for the Card-Jitsu Party? I know I am all ready for it! Don't forget to comment!

Club Penguin November 2011 Parent Update

Hello Penguins!
Today was just a normal day, checking my email and all. Until, I saw that I got a message from the Club Penguin Team! The is another parent update, but it's for November 2011! This month's mainly talks about the Card-Jitsu Party this month how non-member can access it for free, a brand new language has been released (German), and we get a little talk about the brand new game called Pufflescape!

This was a pretty cool November parent update! The weird thing is, some penguin don't get this parent update right away, it can takes weeks to get it. I also, can't wait to party Ninja style this Thursday! Plus, we can control weather by whatever suit we are wearing! Isn't that cool? Don't forget to comment!

Exclusive Card-Jitsu Party Images

Hello penguins!

Today while browsing around various Disney websites, I found a website that leaked several images from the upcoming Card-Jitsu Party.
The image above is the introduction of a trailer video. This scene may or may not be part of the Card-Jitsu Party.
The image above shows the Beach, part of team fire, during the party.
That image shows the Plaza, which appears to be team water.
The final image is a horrible quality picture of the home page during the party!

I really do apologize for the low quality images... They're the best ones that I could get. What do you think of these images?

If you use these images please link to us, and remember, you saw these images here first. ;-)


Card Jitsu Party Construction!

Hey Penguins!

The Card Jitsu Party begins on 24th November, and construction has started around the Island -

Non-Members will be able to play Card Jitsu Fire and Water, during the party! There will be some new items and new rooms! Let us know if you are looking forward to the Card Jitsu Party, which begins on 24th November.

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Field Ops #56

Hey Penguins!

Agents should go over to the EPF Command Room to recieve this weeks orders from G.

Here are this weeks orders -

Agents have to find the coldest water they can, and decrypt the passcode.

This weeks Field Op locatino is at the Cove, stand in the water, as shown on the picture. When you are stood in the water, your Spy Phone will flash. Click on it and you will be able to play this weeks mini-game -

 For this weeks mini-game, agents have to decrypt the passcode -

The aim of the game is to match the symbol on the right to the symbol on the left. The symbol on the left will be a different colour to the one on the right. (Example - Click on the blue circle in the bottom corner). It can get difficult after you have gotten a few correct but sometimes it might still be easier. The time also goes faster, so you have to quick at clicking and guessing the correct symbol.

When you have completed the weeks mini-game you will earn a medal!

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

New Pin - Blue Fish Pin

Hey Penguins!

Today, a new pin has been released. Here is how to find the Blue Fish Pin - 

1. Click on your map and go to the Snow Forts
2. When you are at the Snow Forts, waddle over to the Blue Fish
3. You will now be asked if you want the Blue Fish Pin. Click 'Yes' and you will now have the Blue Fish Pin

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Reviewed by You: Drawing

Hey Penguins!

Last time, the Club Penguin Team asked us about out favorite Igloo item of all time. Here's what 10000Cookies said -

It's so hard to choose since I like all items! But, my all time favorite would be the Box-Portal! It's totally AWESOME and I hope it'll be back on April 2012! Seriously, how cool is it to travel to another dimension!? And when minutes have look like: :30 or :00 and you're there, you get to see the orange puffle pop out of the box! It's sooo kooky and you get to meet Rookie there if you're lucky! Waddle on, Club Penguin! You rock!

This weeks Reviewed By You is about drawing, and the Club Penguin Team want to know What do you like to draw the most?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Club Penguin Blog: Card-Jitsu Update

Hello Penguins!
The first annual Card-Jitsu Party is arriving to the island soon. Today, Billybob has posted the very first sneak peek of the Card-Jitsu Party! Billybob has pick the Plaza, to show us a great sneak peek. Also, he talks about Card-Jitsu Snow, a surprise for Card-Jitsu Fire and Water ninjas, first time free accounts can play all Card-Jitsu games, and lots more!

"Since we've launched a new ninja game each year, many of you have been wondering when we will launch Card-Jitsu Snow. 
 The team is still working hard on creating a great Snow experience, but unfortunately it's not going to be ready for a while. We don't want to launch it until it's the best it can be. So, we've decided to do something different for ninjas this year, and we think you'll love it. There are some BIG surprises in store... 

  •  We're releasing a huge new Card-Jitsu Party. For the very first time, we're decorating almost the whole island with a ninja look! 
  • There will be new decorations, new items, new Stamps and new rooms available only at the party! 
  • For the first time, penguins with free accounts will be able to play Card-Jitsu Fire and Water during the party!! 
  •  We also have a BIG surprise for those who are able to earn their Fire Suit or Water Suit. 

 I'll have more info for you soon. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the new party:"

"As always, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment. We love hearing from you!"

What an amazing sneak peek we got! I can't wait to see the whole island decorated the ninja way. I hope all you penguins with free accounts are going to play Card-Jitsu Fire and Water for free from November 24th to December 6th. It will be the first and only time Club Penguin will do this special for non-members. Also, what do you think the big surprise will be? Don't forget to comment!
-King Boo8884 Club Penguin Agents Author

Reviewed by You: Igloo Items

Hey Penguins!

Last time, the Club Penguin Team asked what your favorite game was to play with Puffles. Here's what Ubatha said -

I think my fave game would be either Aqua Grabber or Jet Pack Adventure! Both of those can earn over 300 coins if you play awhile! Then I can get more cute puffles! Thanks to my pink puffle and green puffle for earning extra points! WADDLE ON CP! happy halloween! 

P.S who got close to a pound of candy?

This week, the Club Penguin Team want to know What's your favorite igloo item of all time, and what do you like best about it?

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author

Better Igloos November 2011 Cheats!

Hey Penguins!

A new furniture catalog is here and is full of Dojo themed items. Here are this months new cheats -

To get the Ninja Cauldron, click on the brown Penguin.

To get the Training Dummy, click on the word 'Ninja'.

To get the Modern Chair, click on the word 'Each'.

To get the Modern Couch, click on the Yellow Lantern.

To get the Green Birdhouse, click on the part of the scoop chair, that is circled.

To get the Blue Birdhouse, click on the bottom part of the Burgundy Bookshelf.

To get the 'Wall Clock', click on the panel of glass, which is circled.

Thats all of this months new cheats, lets us know what you think of this months catalog!

- Dj Wazzer, Club Penguin Agents author