New Bean Counters Graphics and Candy Levels!

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Recently Club Penguin has changed the graphics for the popular game, Bean Counters!
However, this isn't the only change they have added to the game!  Just like in Pizzatron 3000, they have added secret candy levels!  To begin these secret levels, you need to click on the part circled in the image below.  Then a bunch of jelly beans will fall out.
Now, click on the jelly beans and you will be able to select a level.
Now, new instructions will come up.
You move the penguin to catch bags of jelly beans, but watch out that you don't get too many - Too many beans will make the penguin fall!  Then, when you get a bag, you have to put them on the platform.  But, if you put an orange bag down, make sure you ONLY put orange bags down!  If you get another coloured bag, put it back!  Also, watch out for other objects!  Some of these objects will harm you, but some will help!  You can tell what colour bag to collect by the sign in the background.  For example, when they want you to collect orange bags, the sign looks like this:
But, as you get into farther levels, they start wanting you to collect TWO colours at a time!
For example, in the image above, Club Penguin wants me to collect blue AND orange bags!  This is a pretty cool update, don't you think?

Thanks Yellow Face 2 for telling me about this awesome update!



Syka said...

It's about time CP had a game like this! I think it should be renamed Bean Bonanza!

Anonymous said...

blue=orange is soo hard i cant get past it