Happy77 Interviews a Puffle Animator!

Today, Club Penguin's very own Happy77 interviewed a puffle animator to get some inside information on some new puffle interactions and movements that will be coming soon!
Her, along with some other penguins, had a few questions to ask. Here they are:

Q: Tell me some your favorite puffle facts.

A: My favorite puffle facts, hmmmm...I love how crazy they go over puffle O's and how they'll do anything to get 'em. Even jump into a cannon! Another of my fave facts is how puffles looove to dance. If you dance they'll be dancin' right beside you!

Q: RayToolbear wanted to know: What kind of creativity do you need when you animate puffles?

A: Great question Ray Toolbear! When I'm animating puffles I love to sketch out hilarious pictures of how they would react. This helps me to pull out the funniest, off the wall expressions from each puffle. Sometimes when I'm in need of creativity I get my friends to make funny faces and I draw their expressions :D

Q: Jackcol9 asked: What new tricks will puffles be able to do? 

A: Thanks for your question Jackol9. New tricks you ask... Well, puffles will be expressing themselves more!They love to have their hair brushed into crazy styles, they'll jump for joy over treats you feed them, and let you know what they like and don't!

Awesome - I can't wait for these puffle movements and interactions to come out!  I wonder what we'll be able to do with our puffles. What do you think?  Leave a comment letting us know.


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