Easter Egg Hunt Coming BACK!

Ever since 2009, when Club Penguin stopped making annual Easter egg hunts at Easter time, it really upset me.  However, today I checked the leaked board exclusive which has been 100% correct so far and it said that THREE parties are coming in April 2011.  INCLUDING an Easter egg hunt!
It says, "April (Focus - ?) April Fools Party, Earth Day Party, Easter Party."  This is a full sign that the Easter egg hunt is returning to Club Penguin this year! FINALLY!

I'm excited, and can't wait for the egg hunt.  How about you?


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Dreammae989 said...

Screams!!!!!! You all know how much I love clubpenguin, warrior cats and holidays!!!! Can't wait! SlidooGalaxy can u email me the link @ lavender.elements@gmail.com thx!