Welcome to the NEW Club Penguin Agents!

At the beginning of 2011, I said that I wanted this blog to really change and be a lot better.  After 2 months, I feel that my posting skills have improved, but I failed to improve one thing. The site. The actual site design.  So, over the last 2 weeks I designed two different website designs, and eventually chose the better one.  Things might look really different around here - That's because a new theme launched 2 days ago!  But, don't worry, getting around this site will be easier than it has ever been!  Our navbar includes all the "extras" that you'll need to get around, including some support banners and some auto-updating pin trackers.  On the right sidebar, you have the "Become a..." guides (Ninja guide coming soon) and some other useful information.  On the left sidebar we have the weekly poll, and some links to some other really special Club Penguin blogs.  We will be adding more and more to the site, and we hope you enjoy the new design.  So, welcome to the "new" Club Penguin Agents!


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