We Met DJ Cadence! Cadence Brings "LOLZ" to Club Penguin!

Hey penguins!  Today, tracking began on our DJ Cadence Tracker 2011!  It was a HUGE hit, with over 40 penguins online tracking at once!  We were told to be the #1 Cadence tracker of the day, and we found her over 15 times within 1 and a half hours!  Here is a picture of us and her:
As you can see from that picture, she says she has a puffle named "Lolz"!  So, I clicked on her player card, and it's true!
As you can see, she has a purple puffle which she calls "Lolz"!  I think it's great that CJ Cadence is showing support for puffles and the Puffle Party 2011, and I hope she continues to bring her puffle to Club Penguin in the future!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped my tracker today, too!  It's the first time in almost 2 years that I have ever got more than 10 penguins on my tracker, tracking!  Here is some of the awesome feedback I received from my tracker today:

"Go and find Candence with the most accurated tracker by @Slidoo"

"Ur tracker ROCKS!!!"

"Stay with Slidoo, and you are GUARANTEED to find her. I found her and left, and got back IN!"

"Slidoo's Tracker is #1 :D If you REALLY want to Find Cadence, go to Slidoo's. All these locations are mostly from his tracker :D WOOT!"

"Boom! I Just Got Cadence's Stamp Thanks To @Slidoo :D"

"Slidoo is the #1 tracker as of RIGHT NOW! We have found Cadence about 5 times in last 5 minutes :) I just got her stamp, and got in again!"

"Congrats Slidoo! Your Tracker is EPIC! :D"

There was even more positive feedback not mentioned!  Thank you to everyone who used the tracker, I'm glad we could help you find DJ Cadence!  Hopefully the DJ Cadence Tracker will be as successful for the rest of Cadence's visit!



Anonymous said...

typo its DJ Cadence not CJ

Kittapa said...

Slidooo I love yourr blogg! Keep up allll the gooddd work and you will go far! :D