Club Penguin Blue and White Puffle Cap EXCLUSIVE!

Today, I realized it's been a while since I've posted a really cool exclusive that not many penguins have found yet!  So, I decided to go searching.  And, I found one!  I'm pretty sure that this item does not exist in Club Penguin yet, but will be coming soon.  It is a blue and white Puffle Cap!  Club Penguin currently has a Black and Red Puffle Cap, and a White and Brown Puffle Cap, but I don't believe that they have this one yet.  Take a look:
It looks really cool, and I think that a lot of penguins will wear it when it comes out!  It is not in this month's Clothing Catalog, which surprised me, but maybe Club Penguin is saving it for the Puffle Party!

Will you wear this item?  What do you think of this item?  Leave a comment to let me know your opinions!


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Sorry but someone earlier today put this,Dinomit34.Sorry!