Non Members Going Into Members Only Rooms!

First off, I'd like to give credit to Riffy8888 for posting this glitch first.  This is such a COOL glitch - Non Members, you can go into the Rooftop OR the Puffle Show!  Even though these rooms are for members only, it's easy to get into them and it's NOT hacking, it's just a Club Penguin mess up! AGAIN!

If you want to go to the Rooftop, on your NON MEMBER penguin, just CLICK HERE and then log into a non-member penguin.  Then, you'll appear on the Rooftop!

If you want to go to the Puffle Show, on your NON MEMBER penguin, CLICK HERE and then log into a non member penguin!  You'll appear in the Puffle Show!
This is a really neat glitch, in my opinion!  Make sure you try it out fast, before Club Penguin notices it and fixes it!


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