New EPF Message from the Probot!

Attention agents!  The Probot has contacted all EPF agents from our spy phones - Him and Herbert are planning SOMETHING BIG!  Here is the new message.
If you cannot read it, it says "Attention EPF. The polar bear and I have only begun our master plan. Once I have my core circuits, we will crush you. Resistance is pointless." 

Well.. I think that Herbert and the Probot are a bit foolish themselves, if they're telling us that they're going to attack us!  It doesn't sound like a very good plan, because they're giving us warnings so we'll be ready? And WE'RE the Elite Penguin Fools? Nice try Herbert and Probot, but we're ready for what you've got!  I'm also wondering... How are the bad guys even sending us messages? Why is Gary allowing it?

What do you think the Probot and Herbert are up to this time?



slippeestars said...

hey slidoo im back!Ican go on blogs again woo!

slippeestars said...

im back slidoo nice to be on blogs again ;D