Introducing Penian4!

Hello Penguins,

It's Penian4 writing! I'm a new author on Slidoo's Club Penguin Agents! And I thought it would be good for you guys to know a little more about me! Below you will find a lot of interesting stuff you didn't know about me! So what are you waiting for? Take a look:
Hello, I’m Penian4 I love Club Penguin and I have always wanted to make a CP blog! I am an experienced wordpress blogger that has been blogging for over a year. I live in ON, Canada. Im am a non-member and my favourite servers are Sasquatch, Sherbet, and Thermal. I am a boy. I have the game Club Penguin Elite Force and Herbert’s Revenge. I want to get Club Penguin Game day. Blogging is one of my favourite things!
How I became famous on club penguin…
I started Blogging at Google Sites with Yellowi4! Our Blog was called Club Penguin News Board! After we found out about blogger, we definitely switched to blogger. ! After I started Blogging by myself at Blogger I made a Website called Penguin Lodge. I had to keep recreating my blog because it kept getting ”unfound” for some reason! Then I quit blogging because all of the blogs I made got deleted. Then, I heard about I got an account (I thought blogger was going to be better). After a while I made a site with WordPress! I soon figured was better than blogger (in my opinion). In November I received my very FIRST comment. And then, my sister Yellowi4 suggested we make a blog together! But she quit after a few months, but I kept on going. After I lot of months of working on, I decided stop dreaming, and I built op the confidence to get a self-hosted blog. I don't have much to tell about that blog yet, but believe that it is going to be a success, after years. And now I work for ClubPenguinAgents too! 
I hope that helped everyone learn more about me! And just a little bit more about me is that I like to post the updates that come out on Thursday the most! Especially the catalogs and newspapers. I'm really good at those! I',m really excited to work for Club Penguin Agents! Comment on your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the team Penian4! I hope you have a good time blogging.

-June17, CPA Author

Btw, I live in ON, Canada, too

Anonymous said...

Oh and Penian4, I was hired to post the newspapers. So, do you mind not posting them since it's pretty much my job. Thanks!

Pirate Yarr1 said...

How do u find it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????