Lately, this website's rankings have been down. We used to be #9, now we're #45!

Rankings go up and down depending on the amount of different viewers this site gets per week.  So, if we can get back into the top 15 rankings, we will have a big party AND giveaway on Club Penguin!  I will try my hardest to get more people to the website, but you need to help out too!  We both get something out of it, and it shouldn't be too hard if enough people help.  I really hope we can get it higher, because I really want to have another party and have another giveaway, for you guys!

So, tell your friends and everyone you know about this blog, and it might happen!  Maybe, if it's not quite high enough, but it's close.. I might make an exception. ;-]



Just Hardy said...

Slidoo rocks! Club Penguin Agents is a great blog! It has the best cheats! I reccommend commenting and visiting Club Penguin Agents for your CP Cheats! :D

Just Hardy

Syka said...

I put your banner on my site! (click on my name above to visit it) Can you make the giveaway on xat or CP? Not everybody has Twitter.....(I don't)