Club Penguin Mascot Coming to the Puffle Party 2011!

Today, I was reading through the comments on the Club Penguin blog, because I had heard some discussion on chats about a mascot coming to the Puffle Party!  I wanted to find out more.  I went to the blog and then to the February Sneak Peek.  Then, I saw this comment:
If you can't read it, someone commented saying that Rockhopper might be coming to the Puffle Party!  Then, the Club Penguin moderator, Happy77, replied saying that Rockhopper won't be there, but another mascot might be!

Now... who is this mascot?  Is it Aunt Arctic?  Is it... Herbert?

A few days ago, I was reading something interesting on Ninjaboyz12's blog.  He phoned Club Penguin Support, and they told him that Herbert will come to the Puffle Party and crash it!  If Aunt Arctic is the Director, then maybe she'd be there to stop him!  What's your theory?  Let me know by leaving a comment!



Higuyby said...

It might be both......

Anonymous said...

herberts a mascot oh yeah that sounds awesome well be have to be super secret
number pengu cpa defender