Reviewed By You: Puffle Food

Last week, Club Penguin wanted to hear some safety tips!  This is the response they got from Zoecheer:
My best safety tip would be to never give out personal information about yourself or others. (addresses, numbers, last names, were you are, etc.) That way, you can waddle on and be safe too!
Billybob also wants to give us a sneak peek of some Puffle Food, coming AFTER the Puffle Party:

It looks like we're gonna have to buy food for our puffles at the Pet Shop, and then feed it to our puffles in our igloos!  Sounds like a pretty cool idea.. It also looks like we'll be able to feed them carrots and pizza, soon!  What other foods do you think we'll be able to feed our puffles?  Do you think there will be things like baths and beds in this catalog? Maybe.. a special pillow? A chocolate covered boot, to eat? ;-]

Anyways, this week Club Penguin wants to know what food we'd like to feed our puffles, in the future!  If you submit your review and WIN, your review along with your penguin name will be posted on the What's New blog, next week!  You'll also get a bonus prize of 10,000 coins, added directly to your account on Club Penguin!  If you want a chance to win those prizes, click here!


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coolman12743 said...

Stupid Chrome

Anonymous said...

Thnx for shoutout Slidoo!