DJ Cadence Tracker 2011!

Rumours are going around the island of Club Penguin that DJ Cadence will be wadding around, giving out signed backgrounds at the Puffle Party 2011!  Here at Club Penguin Agents, we want to have an awesome DJ Cadence tracker!  However, here are some things we do NOT like to see happening, when we make a tracker:

People taking our locations and taking credit for themselves/not giving us credit
People LYING about a location of a famous penguin
People advertising
People being MEAN on chat!

However, there are lots of things that we DO like to see!

People being awesome and helping other people out!
People giving us credit when we find a famous penguin!
People being honest and only saying the REAL locations!
People just having fun, and not advertising!

It's not hard to have fun while tracking, but also helping out penguins who have never met the mascot before!  The ultimate tracker will be released at the start of the Puffle Party 2011, and will be managed by our staff.  Leave a comment to let us know what we should do to make OUR tracker, the best one around! ;-]



Dingeljoe said...

I love tracking ;-)

Anonymous said...

so um where is dj cadence cause i really love her