Club Penguin Field Op #31 Cheats - Update

You may remember that the Club Penguin Field Op #31 was found in one of the expedition rooms. As the party is now over, the Club Penguin team has updated the Field Op location. Here is the new updated guide to completing Field Op #31:

1) Click your ringing spy phone and click the "Go There" button.

2) You should now be in the EPF Command Room, click the yellow Field Op board. Now click "Accept Field Op"

3) Go to the forest by using your map or teleporting with your EPF spy phone. Waddle over to the large tree, beside the stone.


4) Click your spy phone. Now, click the "Engage" button.

5) Complete the mini game.

6) Congratulations! You have successfully completed Club Penguin Field Op #31. You can use your medal to buy elite gear if you are a member. You may have also earned a stamp, depending on how many Field Ops you have completed.

That's all for now, I hope this Field Op guide helped!

-1candy0, author.

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