Puffle Party 2011 ULTIMATE Guide!

The Puffle Party 2011 is here!  The party is pretty cool, but it's a bit too similar to previous years.

This post will be divided into 3 parts.

1. Themed rooms
2. Bonus Events
3. Free items

First, let's start with the themed rooms.  Here are some of the themed rooms, for the specific puffle colour:
Here are the locations:

Brown Puffle: Nightclub Lounge
Pink Puffle: Iceberg
Black Puffle: Underground Pool
Green Puffle: Lighthouse Beacon
Orange Puffle: Box Dimension (Get there from the portal box at the Beach)
Red Puffle: Cove
Blue Puffle: Forest
Purple Puffle: Nightclub
White Puffle: Mine Shack
Yellow Puffle: Lighthouse

Now, let's move on to the themed rooms for ALL puffles.  My favourite one is the Beach, which is decorated for every colour of puffle!
There is also a portal box in this room which takes you to the magical Cookie Land!  Also known as the Orange Puffle room ;-]
Now, let's go on to the Special Events.

Bonus/Special Events:
In this Puffle Party, there are two big events.  The first, is the Nightclub Roof!  You can access it by going to the Nightclub, then up the stairs to the Nightclub Lounge.  Now, you'll see this door:
Now walk through it, and you'll be on the Nightclub Roof!
Yay! Also, DJ Cadence will be making some appearances here, so stay tuned for an awesome Cadence tracker!

The next event is the Puffle Show.  To get there, go to the Ski Village and you'll see this entrance:
Now, walk through it and you'll be in the Puffle Show!
You can enter your puffle in an obstacle course or get them groomed, or even enter them in a judged show!

There are two free items in this party.  The first is located at the Plaza.

It's the Blue Puffle Cap!  Walk up to it to pick it up!
The second free item is for members only, and is located at the Puffle Show.  For more information on how to get to this Puffle Show, go up to the second category of the post.  Once you're there, you'll see the free jacket!
Just simply walk up to it, like you do for all items, and it'll be added to your inventory so you can put it on!
Well, that wraps up the Puffle Party 2011!  We here at CPA will be starting to track DJ Cadence, LIVE, tomorrow!  We hope this guide helped you get through this awesome party!

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