Series 12 Treasure Book!

Today, I noticed that Club Penguin has released the Series 12 Treasure Book!  Here is the cover:
When you go inside, there are no hidden items... again!  However, as usual, there are some exclusives, that you can ONLY get in this book:
To me, these exclusives could be a LOT better.  In fact, the entire catalog is a bit of a rip off, in my opinion.  Take a look at the exclusives page of the Series 10 book:
It's the exact same background!  There are several other similarities to this book and other books.  The exclusives are cool items, but I think they need to put a lot more effort into these books.  What do you think?


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Zoeyuluv said...

I agree. I mean I understand Club Penguin is more busy than ever with all this new stuff going on, but all they ever do is take regular items and make them different colors. They should actually make DIFFERENT items like they did in the first series.