Slidoo's HUGE Club Penguin Party!

Last month, Slidoo and Pochoma123 hosted one of the biggest Club Penguin parties of the month!  Today, a new theme, header, navbar, new widgets, AND new pages launched on Club Penguin Agents.  To top it all off, we're going to have a HUGE party on Club Penguin!  Here is the party invitation:

Time chart:
1:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
1:00 PM Penguin Standard Time
4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
3:00 PM Central Standard Time
9:00 PM British Standard Time
6:00 AM Australia (Sunday Morning)

Once again, I apologize to the people in Australia who have the party at such an early time.  The party is going to be a LOT of fun, and there will be a Coin Code giveaway after the party, IF the room is FULL at the beginning of the party.  Also, if you have a Twitter account you can CLICK HERE to let everyone know that you're a V.I.P. to Slidoo's party. THEN, comment by CLICKING HERE telling me your email address, penguin name, and Twitter name.  Now, you're an official V.I.P!  Why become a V.I.P. you ask?  I will be giving a Card-Jitsu Code, *MAYBE* a Coin Code, and *MAYBE* another Card-Jitsu Code, ONLY to random V.I.Ps!  

The party is going to be 45-60 minutes of non-stop fun on Club Penguin, so make sure you come!  Remember to go early, in case it's full!  Spread the word, because as I already mentioned, I will post a Coin Code on my website if the room is completely full for both non member AND member penguins!  

I hope to see you at the party, and I strongly suggest becoming a V.I.P. to the party!

Waddle on!


Shirtisred said...

Penguin Name- Shirtisred
Twitter- @Shirtisred

anfield3 said...

cant u do it an hour earlier plz for the brits. cos there no way ill be able to get to that

Kelvin12345 said...


Penguin- Kelvin12345

Twitter- @Kelvin12345cp Here is a link

Anonymous said...

Pengiwin9 pengiwin9 Slidolicious!

Darren8747 said...


Penguin- Darren8747

Twiter- Darren8747 Link-!/Darren8747

Dj Wazzer said...

I will be coming to the party!

Name - Dj Wazzer
Email -

Edster12499 said...

I'm FOR SURE coming to the party.


See ya there :D

Syka said...

I don't have Twitter...;-( I'll be there, though!
P.S. I am interested in the open adspace. However, I don't have a code but I will get 1 this week. Could it be possible for you to hold the spot for a day or two? Please relpy or answer on chat. Thx! ;-)

1candy0 said...


Pirate Yarr1 said...

Penguin name- Pirate Yarr1
Twitter name- Pirate Yarr1

Beans61050 said...


Penguin Name - Beans61050

Twitter Account - Beans61050CP

coolman12743 said...

Penguin Name: Coolman12743
Twitter name: @Coolman12743
Occupation: Author on your blog. >.<

Danny44473 said...
penguin name:Danny44473

Club Penguin Trackers said...

Penguin Name ~Refri
Twitter ~@MrRefri

Cya there! ⏆

Club Penguin Trackers said...

Penguin name ~Refri
Twitter ~@mrRefri

Jon0110 said...

Penguin name:Jon0110
Twitter name:CpJon0110

Foshizzel01 said...

T-O-T-A-L-L-Y awesome bro! Coming for sure :D

John said...

My Email:
My Club Penguin account: Jarf1
My Twitter: Jarf1

Anonymous said...

club penguin account: kish50
twitter : kish50

wwe vs wwf said...

My awesome twitter: Wwfvswwe

My penguin username: Wwe Vs Wwf

My email: Bilal_Yoman@Hotmail.Com

I hope i win a CJ or CC so i do a giveaway on my site or contest!

Anonymous said...

Hey Slidoo,

My name is Puffle3457, you visited my iggy on Sherbet.

If it is possible, can you help me get the Party Host Stamp? That's all, please!
Penguin Name: Puffle3457
Twitter: Elite Force


Blu! said...

Aww I think It's on where I am even earlier than in Australia. Otherwise I would have loved to come.

Blu! from

Anonymous said...

Late comment D: Sorry I tweeted ages ago! (@HisupPD) Okay so anyhoo

Penguin Name: Beep Bop 223
Twitter HisupPD

bluehero said...

I Might Be There.

bluehero said...

Penguin Name: Fisheater145
Twitter: Fisheater145

Me said...

I don't have a TWITTER account :(....but I'll give you my penguin name and email :)

Penguin name : dude71874
(I wear the glasses from mission 11 and an EPF earpiece)

Email :

Anonymous said...

My penguin name is: Simpsons128
My e-mail is:
My twitter is: sonic64100

Codoyote said...

Penguin Name: Ninja7759
Twitter Name: Codoyote