Playercard "?" Button REAL Meaning!

On many blogs, you will see a picture that looks something like this:

Many blogs claim that this is an exclusive and it is an update coming to Club Penguin playercards soon. This is NOT TRUE.  I know the REAL meaning of what this is!

What happens is, people find something in Club Penguin's files, and, without doing any research whatsoever they post it thinking it's an exclusive update coming soon.  Usually, they're right!  But, this time, they are NOT.  The real meaning of this "?" button is NOT an update coming soon.  It has been here forever, or, if not, it has been there for at least a year.  It is something that ONLY Club Penguin MODERATORS can see.  It comes up whenever they click on any of our playercards.  When they click on it, it shows our penguin's history!  Such as how many times we have been banned (which is hopefully none, for you!) and how old we are, etc.  I am 100% positive that this is not an update coming soon, so do not believe what you hear.  A lot of people didn't realize what this meant and assumed it was an update, but it's not, but I don't blame whoever did that.  I usually would've, too!  Remember, this IS the truth! ;-]

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