New EPF Message... From Klutzy?

Yes, it is true!  Klutzy the crab has just sent all EPF agents a message on our spy phones!  Here is the message:
If you cannot read it, it says "Click clicky click click. D= Click clickety click click. Q_Q Click click ka-click! ^_^" Hmm... No one is really sure what this means... But, he's using lots of emotes that look like he's warning us of something! Could Klutzy be coming to our side? Is he jealous of Herbert working with the Protobot? Or, is this all a trap? OR did I COMPLETELY misread this message!?

Maybe we should use the crab translator, from the mission, "Questions for a crab"!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just remember rookie saved us in the system defender so maybe rookie could help oh and the crab translator was destroyed