Club Penguin Times Issue #277

June17 here! Today we got a new newspaper delivered in with the release of the new Penguin Style. This week's topics are on how to celebrate every Puffle and the new Penguin Style Puffle theme.

With the Puffle Party coming soon in the next couple weeks, we penguins are preparing. He are some tips party planners have told us to celebrate: Find out what toys and games your puffles like most to Try some pet furniture for your igloo. What will your Puffles do? If your looking for a new puffle to celebrate with, go to the Pet Shop and adopt one. Remember, Puffle Party starts February 18!

As you may know, a new Penguin Style catalog has been released with a new line of Puffle clothing. There are many new clothes with puffles on it! If your a puffle lover, there is something in the Gift Shop that will fit you. There is even a new Flare Hoodie which secret agents are buying. Now here are the upcoming event:
Feb. 4: New Penguin Style

Feb. 11: New Igloo Music, Better Igloos Catalog and Igloo Upgrades Catalog

Feb. 18: Puffle Party

That`s it!

-June17, Club Penguin Agents Author

*Sorry for late post*

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Anonymous said...

new field op put now-night club
new message from rookie too(isnt it amazing)
number pengu cpa defender (technical and comm agent)