Slidoo and Pochoma123's Party Review!

Today, Slidoo and Pochoma123 threw one of the biggest parties of the year on Club Penguin!  It was 50 minutes of fun with Slidoo and Pochoma123, and then, a giveaway after!  Believe it or not, the best part of the party, wasn't during the party at all!  About an hour before the party, penguins gathered at the spot and started forming huge lines, crowds, and were hooting and hollering!  Here are some before-party pictures:
Yup, with 40 minutes left to go, the room was full for most players!  However, then, everything started to not go so well.  Another famous penguin hosted a party at the same time as our's!  This took away a lot of the people at our party, but our true, amazing fans stayed with us all the way!  Then, the party begun.  The crowd went wild!
We had lots of fun in the Snow Forts, when I first arrived!
Then, when Pochoma123 arrived, we had more fun and then went to the Ice Rink!
A lot of penguins wanted to play Sled Racing with us, so we went to the Ski Hill!
Next, we went to the Ski Lodge to play some Find Four.
We tried to break the Ski Lodge couch, played tag on the Iceberg, and had some fun with Card-Jitsu in the Dojo!
We went to the Cove and went swimming, told ghost stories, and sang campfire songs!
We ended the party in the Box Dimension.  Even though a lot of penguins got lost and couldn't find us, we still had fun seeing an orange puffle and running around on boxes!

Over all, the party was great!  I'd also like to congratulate PengbluzieCP and Pengiwin9 for winning the codes that I gave away!  Pochoma123 and I would like to thank EVERYONE who came to the party - It showed that you're our true fans, because you chose our party over the other penguin's, which we were very happy about.  You make us proud, and we're happy to have amazing fans and friends like you!

I will be having another party on Club Penguin soon, so keep checking back for updates on that.  Thanks again for an awesome party!



Jeffrockscp said...

First X)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldnt make it. Whenever you have a party, I end up being busy on party time.

My5t3ryg1rl said...

AWESOME! im in every picture except for box dimension, i was in cove but you couldnt see me, i was drowning in the water xD

Anonymous said...

June17 said...
Sorry I couldnt make it. Whenever you have a party, I end up being busy on party time.
this time it happened to me too june
number pengu cpa defender

Wwerocks88 said...

The party was awesome! Can't wait for the next one! :D