Happy77 Talks to Slidoo About Super Exclusive Puffle Interactions!

Last week Club Penguin told us that soon, we'd be able to interact with our puffles up close.  Well, today, the REAL Club Penguin moderator, Happy77, commented on my blog talking to me about an AWESOME new sneak peek!  Take a look:

Awesome!!  Thanks Happy77 for sharing this sneak peek!  It looks like interacting with our puffles will be a LOT of fun.  What kinds of things do you think we'll be able to do?



Happy77 said...

Hey Slidoo! Thanks for your message.

Would love to know: what do you think is going on in this sneak peek?

Keep up the great work on your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy77!

Thanks so much for reading my message and stopping by my blog! I think this sneak peek is probably showing those close-up interactions with our Puffles that Billybob was talking about the other day, in the Puffle Food Reviewed By You! I can't wait to see what happens!