Puffle Moves In GLITCH!

For several months I've been experiencing a glitch that I like to call the "Puffle Moves In" glitch.  I was going to post about it, but it was never happening to me, so I thought that Club Penguin had fixed it!  However, today, when I was online, it happened again.

The glitch happens when your puffle is standing somewhere in an igloo, and then you move to a smaller igloo, where there is no floor.  The puffle will be sitting on the walls, or outside of the igloo!  Take a look at what I mean:
See what I mean?  My white puffle is completely outside of my igloo!  A few years ago, the puffles would always appear in the centre of the igloo, if you bought a new one.  However, now, this happens!  It's not much of a major glitch that really effects anything, but I think it is kind of funny.  What do you think?  Has this ever happened to you?


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