Rookie Sends the EPF a Message!

Agent Rookie has just sent out a message to all EPF agents!  Check your spy phones to see the new message.
If you can't read it, it says "Hey everyone! I have a theory - I think Herbert and Protobot may have helpers! Something with a tire... Maybe some kind of evil wheel barrow?"  Hmm... A vehicle of some sort, perhaps?  I haven't seen many vehicles in Club Penguin, but I can think of one - The truck in Been Counters!  Strangely enough, there was also an article about this in Newspaper Issue #277!  A coincidence?  I don't think so.  It's pretty strange to throw a random article about a truck in the newspaper.
Hmmm... Is that Herbert Fur I see there, in the chair? Or is it just stuffing?  Is it Herbert's fur disguised to LOOK like stuffing?  I think we'll find out pretty soon. ;-]

The only other thing I can think of with tires is a mine cart.
We do know that Herbert has had some things happen with the underground before.  In fact, in a previous PSA mission, he lifted the entire Gift Shop and tunneled all over Club Penguin!

There are many theories about what Rookie is talking about, but what's your opinion?


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Anonymous said...

OOOOOORRRRRRRRR the Wheel Bot. Hmm...