Club Penguin Disappearing Stamps Glitch!

Today, lots of penguins have been experiencing some big time stamp glitches!  When you log in, 6 random stamps that you have ALREADY collected come up in the corner.  Then, when you click on your playercard, it says you only have a few stamps, even though you have more.
This glitch has been happening to a few penguins for most of this day.  Let me know by commenting if this glitch is happening or has ever happened to you!

UPDATE: The glitch has been fixed for most people!


penguinx1 said...

There were 0 cool comments so I thought I could make it 1 cool comment :P

Dingeljoe said...

it it happened to me, but then i emailed club penguin and they fixed it!


Anonymous said...

no never for me slidoo